Petition for Sir Keith Park statue

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Highflight, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. Please see website for full information and petition regarding the errection of a statue to Sir Keith Park, OC 11 Group, (London and South East England), during the Battle of Britain.

    If I were more computer aware,I would put a link on the website for ease of members. Hopefully some kind and competent person would do so. It is for a worthy cause.

  2. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

  3. Signed the petition mate, but i don't hold out much hope for the result. After all this is a communist country now and anything regarded as 'establishment' or 'militaristic' gets confined to file 13 by the tosspots that govern and run this country.

    Unfortunately Sir Keith was a white, heterosexual, male who never suffered from a disability and probably came from a well adjusted law abiding family who didn't claim benefit or incapacity benefit. Further to this, the imperialistic dog that he is, had the nerve to pull on a uniform and serve his King during the darkest chapters of Britains war effort thereby ruining New Labours dreams of a joined up Europe. He also served in the Royal Air Force further proving his backward thinking tendencies when he should have enlisted in the Socialist party and concentrated his efforts on pretending to give people freedom but actually curtailing their freedom to function and think.

    I hope he does get a plinth under Nelson but I know that Red Ken and the other pigs who eat at the trough will put the Kaibosh on this.

    Wouldn't it be nice if every VC/ GC winner had their names recorded at Trafalgar Square as well?
  4. onYou are right there qman. I have just signed as well. Like your point about the VC/GC holders.
  5. Thanks engr172 for putting the link in. Always tell a non infantryman. :)

    Not a bad idea qman. Maybe you could start a campaign for a memeorial to VC/GC winners. (I don't think there is one at the moment, but then that is not suprising in this country). :cry:
  6. Signed

    Good idea Qman

  7. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I have to say, that is a great idea.
    How right you are about the to55ers who run this place now......disgrace, they should be thankful for people like this. Twwwaaaaaaattt55555
  8. Duly signed, I hope he gets full recognition, but knowing the cnuts in charge of this country, I have my doubts.
  9. Signed but although the VC suggestion is a good idea it would be full of practical problems since VC winners are usually commemorated somewhere (particularly those who died in action either at the time or later). For instance Lionel Queripel VC R Sussex who was killed at Arnhem is commerated in Tunbridge Wells three times; once on the war memorial, a road is named after him and within Dunorlan Park along with 10 other VC winners from Tunbridge Wells, there are also plans to add a Blue Plaque to his old house. He is also commorated in Chichester Cathedral, in Aldershot (the Para Regt Roll of Honour (which was originally in St Martin in the Fields Church London) and Airborne Museum) , the site of Duke of Yorks HQ in London, Somerby in Leicestershire where 10 Para emplanned, the R Sussex Museum in Eastbourne, the Airborne Museum at Oosterbeek and his old school - Marlborough.

    Those who survived usually end up having buildings named after them - as is the case with Johnson Beharry.

    There is also a VC/GC memorial in the Pillared Hall in the MOD.
  10. I see where your argument is coming from. However, because someone is commemorated already on a monument(s), surely that is not a reason to refuse another monument/memorial.

    The point is that ALL VC/GC holders would be on the same memorial and brought together in one place for all to see, rather than at multiple locations throughout the country.

    I think this topic could deserve a thread of its own, as this was supposed to be about a well deserved statue to Sir Keith Park.
  11. .....and an immigrant....
  12. qman your point about the VCs/GCs is spot on. There is a fourth plinth in T Sq that over past few years had a variety of "things" on it. How about using that plinth to celebrate and commemorate the VC and GC holders?
  13. PTP

    There's hope for him yet then......oh no hang on, he came from New Zealand (I think) and they have the a broadly similar system of government as us; where the Monarch sits as constitutional head of Government. If Sir Keith was to write a letter apologising for the enslavement of people 100 years before his birth on behalf of the New Zealand people and promised to invest any family fortunes in funding the Communist .........Labour Party then Red Ken might allow him to keep his Knighthood, but the statue is way out of the question unless he were to prove that he is a single mother from a council sink estate in swindon with lesbian tendencies and full membership of the stop the war coallition (***** the lot of them!).
  14. My point regarding VC/ GC winners is not to detract from the achievments of Sir Keith, but to highlight the fact that everyone who visits this tourist attraction should be made aware of the level of personal sacrifice that the members of the Commonwealth Armed Forces have given. I know that that buildings and roads are named after winners but how many people outside of the Armed Forces could name a VC winner if asked? There maybe a list in the MoD but how many people can claim to have read it? Exposure in a major tourist attraction may just influence one person to make a bloody difference, big or small that has to be worth something. The abonimation (labelled art) of a statue that sat there on the fourth plinth achieved the sum total of f*ck all and if the youth of today are to learn anything from their peers then (IMHO) it should be from names like Beharry, Budd etc so they can see recent examples of personal sacrifice and the contributions that those names have added to our history and freedoms.
  15. Signed. It should be cast in Gold.