Petition for MP's to spend 2 weeks a year living on minimum wage

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Wordsmith, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Here's an interesting petition for everyone to sign on the No. 10 website.

    MP's to spend 2 weeks a year on minimum wage - e-petitions

    If this petition gains traction, it would be interesting to see MP's from all parties explain why they should not have to do it.

    (And even better if they were shamed into doing it).

    So get signing.

  2. And we'd of course pay for them to have this experience...
  3. What do you really think it will achieve? The square root of fuck all, that's what.
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  4. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Absolutely bugger all, but it might annoy some of them.

    And in the extremely unlikely event of it coming to pass, they might actually learn something.

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  5. Yes we'll buy some houses for them to live in for two weeks like poor people? These houses will cost how much?
  6. All that would happen is that they would claim for EVERY bit of expenditure like public transport and their food and therefore wouldn't suffer as much as you would like them to. Cunts.
  7. It costs nothing to sign the epetition. We pay for the sponging worthless cnuts anyway. Who knows, one of them might choke, get mugged, catch something, die slowly. If we're really lucky, one of them may learn something.

    Or die
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  8. A swop could be arranged. They live in the worst area of Moss Side and the Moss Side family of 10, all on benefits, live in the Dishonourable Members des res.

    Imagine what a fucking shit hole he/she would return to. Yes I like the idea.
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  9. Brilliant! There was a place on Elswick Road in Newcastle that would be ideal. The hand painted sign on the old pallets forming the verandah (?) read Ponda Rosa.

    Still hoping one of them would choke. Or get bummed to death
  10. Didn't Portillo do this about 2 years ago (with a Black female MP as well?). Yes, it did open some peoples eyes, but here we are suggesting the same thing again. While we pay them a reasonable salary ( be honest, would you put up with the shit and hassle for the money?) they will never understand what goes on in the underbelly of the UK because they will always return to their level of living in a short period of time. I have no time time for the spoiled MPs we put in place, but realistically, this will change nothing.
  11. I've signed it, fuck it we'll end up paying for worse shit than this, better we pay for some of these twats to live like normal folk even for a fortnight than pay for a load of asylum seekers to live like kings.
  12. MP's are well aware of the poverty that exists up and down the country. It exists in every constituency somewhere and it effects the elderly, the middle aged and the young as well.

    This is tokenism and means nothing. I'd sooner petition them to get off their arrses and do something for their poverty effected constituents.
  13. Yes because most politicians don't already take a massive pay cut by becoming an MP in the first place.

    Get a grip. Or run for office yourself you prick - democracy entitles that right.
  14. Couldnt we put them through the sere course or p company?
    No practical reason but MPs milling would be a sure crowd pleaser :)
  15. I'd rather see them serving two years in Afghanistan.