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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chutley, Jul 20, 2008.

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  3. DKH Catterick still stands.

    It is sat there with empty wards. In fact, in order to justify it's existence as a building they've relocated the Bn Med Centres and the BOWMAN Team there to fill up spaces. Nevertheless, even with these elements, the place is standing there virtually empty. Catterick Garrison is undergoing a major transition as a town, it is located about as centrally as you can get within the UK, so why is it being left empty? It's a crying shame to see it just go to waste. Why don't they return it to being a military hospital?
  4. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Biscuits ab
    Catterick is central to what? Its nowhere near the geographical centre of England or Britain for that matter and its rail and public transport facilities are dreadful. The A1 is two lane at that point so any small car accident blocks it. You couldsay Durham City is within reach but Durham is v small but apart from that ther isnt anyhere to go.

    DKH Catterick still stands but only for a very few clinics and a health centre (A big GP practice) - the majority of medical facilities are located now in the Friarage Northallerton which is (no suprrpise) a PFI hosptial controlled by the huge (even bigger PFI) hospital in Middlesbrough. I dont agree with it by any means but I do have some responsibility in those hospitals and would like to support servicemen in whatever means I can.
  5. I just knew that some nit-picker would have a dig at the 'central' issue. I meant that it was roughly central if you look at the Garrisons throughout the country. That was all.

    Why have you chosen to virtually repeat what I'd already said? Durham? You've lost me there. Where are the military facilities in Durham? Catterick is a Bde sized Garrison which has the sort of support a Military Hospital would require. The Hospital itself would be a Major Unit within the Garrison.

    The DKH is also more accessible than the Friarage.

    As for the Friarage. It's not as good as you may believe. Take it from a former patient. The attitude of some of your staff is appalling.

    What's needed is a Military Hospital not a Hospital with a military wing.

    I'll leave you to pick holes in the rest of my post. Who knows?....there might be a full stop missing or a spelling error.
  6. Signed, but as a previous comment remarked, this government has got the country where it is by doing as Bottler Broon pleases. Gird up your loins ready for the "fcuk off" email when the petition ends.
  7. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Biscuits AB...

    I meant Catterick isnt central to anything, rail nor population or anything much. I metioned Durham as its the nearest "City". Not nitpicking at all, just the reality of the situation.

    Did I repeat what you said? I cant see it. Unless you are nitpicking. Or being obtuse.

    What I should have made clearer was that I didnt agree with the DKH being made into a GP practice and combined clinic. A military hospital is ideal but the political reality is that the military had to relocate to a PFI hospital. You work out why. Again I say I dont agree with it but those are the facts.

    As for the Friarage, its not perfect by any means and I cant recall saying anything about how good the place was so how you feel that its "not as good as you may believe" is beyond me.

    As for the staff's attitude being appalling.. what did they have to put up with from you? two sides to everything you know.
  8. They never had to put up with anything from me, so assume away. I would never dream of being rude to medical staff. Unfortunately, the same courtesy was never returned on a number of occasions by members of the Friarage Staff.

    Irrespective of politics, the Army needs a Military Hospital, not a number of wings on civilian hospitals spread all over the country. I think the reasons for that need have been broached upon on this site, in the papers and on the news.

    I think York may be a bit closer to Northallerton than Durham. I'll let you check that with your satnav. Who know's, I might be out by a mile or six.
  9. Haven't signed it as these petitions are now very clearly a waste of time. There could be 5 million signatures for it and the No. 10 response would only be a little longer, explaining why nobody wants it and why they won't comply. This is an organisation which won't allow referenda on the grounds that it knows it will lose the poll. Good 'ere, innit.
  10. done
  11. It would take a serious amount of work to get DKH to a standard that would be acceptable for treating patients. Who would pay?

    On a personal level, I would love to see military hospitals, the MDHUs don't work (having worked in them for the last 9 years). Just don't think it would be practical.

    It's all about the money.
  12. Done and passed to my original regiment's association.
  13. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer


    I am assuming nothing. If Friarage staff have been rude to you them pm me if you wish to raise any issues. An even-handed approach will always be taken. I cannot fathom why you are going off on tangents about geography . In my final comment about this point, Catterick is central to about nowt.

    MDHUs do make some sense in that the staff are potentially exposed to major trauma work if they were sited in the correct hospitals but unfortunately they frequently arent. Also expensive facilities like CT and MRI scanners simply cannot be supported by military funds, so it has to be civ hospitals who deal with these things. Primary care facilities for the army are just considered to be the same as any other financial resource to hospital trusts, despite the vastly differing needs of thier patients. As has been said, its all about money.