Petition for Mil Hospitals.

I dont know if this has been done before but I recieved a E-Mail from my CO yesterday over this matter,
Below is the gist of the mail,please help.

Subject: Petition for Military Hospitals

Now this is worth your attention folks:

If you have one to two minutes and agree with this could you please sign the petition at the link below. If you have received this from another source then please accept my apologies but I didn't know that you had already got it!

For every death you hear about in Iraq or Afghanistan there are countless more casualties that never get reported on the news. The current situation sees injured servicemen and women being brought back to the UK and put in random hospitals, often away from where their friends and family live.

These servicemen and women , who are often on their own, are put in wards with normal civilian patients who have no concept of the environment these individuals have just been extracted from. There have also been a number of cases of these injured personnel then being verbally abused by Islamic civilian patients when they realise they have just returned from Iraq/ Afghanistan.

This petition is asking for the government to bring back dedicated Military Hospitals in the UK so that injured servicemen and women can be cared for in a safe and dignified environment with staff and fellow patients who understand the situation that they have just returned from. Please take one or two minutes to fill out the Downing Street Petition on behalf of our injured servicemen and women bearing in mind we all know what the damage of war can do. Our comrades returning from Iraq & Afghanistan with horrific injuries to a health care situation that is a joke.

With our troops being deployed in greater numbers we must go back to the dedicated care that they fully deserve - so please lend your support to the petition to the Prime Minister on the Downing Street Petition Web Site.

The petition is:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to bring back dedicated Military Hospitals to provide adequate facilities (non HS) for members of the Armed Forces who are injured or disabled in the course of their duties'

Please visit before the close on 6th August 2007.

If you do sign you will receive an email from No 10 with a link to confirm your signature.


If you do as requested I suggest that you address your mail to one person and put all the others as Bcc, that way your address book remains private.
I hope that people will not sign this campaign as I don't believe it is in the best interest of severly wounded soldiers. There is campaigning to be done, specifically on providing adequate care for those who are wounded or injured and discharged from Selly Oak and Headley Court.

The most important thing is to provide the best possible clinical care for soldiers who are critically wounded or injured - to save lives. The old military hospitals are not capable of having the breadth of clinicalexpertise in poly trauma or the most sophisticated equipment to treat the very seriously injured or very seriously sick. Nor do they provide sufficient training for military medics where Selly Oak can. It is not feasible to have sufficient expertise and skills to treat so few patients effectively in military hospitals.

The hospital at Selly Oak can provide this expertise and has undoubtedly saved many lives over the last few years of high operational tempo. Their expertise is second to none and those I've met who have been treated have nothing but praise for their clinical care.

The emphasis at Selly Oak should now be ensuring that not only is the present S4 Ward big enough and dedicated military area (my information is that this has happened) but more importantly that when the Selly Oak site is rebuilt - as it is about to be, that the MOD does create a dedicated military area within the hospital.

The other area where I believe more work is needed is regarding the convalescent care for patients and support for carers of those leaving Selly Oak.

This is where a military hospital/home would be most use - to provide somewhere for those who cannot go back to their family when discharged from Selly Oak and before they are fit enough to rehabilitate in Headley Court (another excellent place).

Please think carefully if you sign this in case we get what we're asking for and risk more lives.
Please see for the service providers piont of veiw. This subject has been done to death over there.

While service hospitals would be good for the boys and girls, specailist treatment and care has to be farmed out to the local NHS... so where does that give the traning for the RAMC/QARANC on tour?

Nice idea, but please think before signing. In simplistic terms do you want a basic military hospital, or the best care with military support in the uk, and better trained personell to start your medical care on tour....

There is more to it than that but too much for here!

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