Petition for Mil Hospitals.

I dont know if this has been done before but I recieved a E-Mail from my CO yesterday over this matter,
Below is the gist of the mail,please help.

Subject: Petition for Military Hospitals

Now this is worth your attention folks:

If you have one to two minutes and agree with this could you please sign the petition at the link below. If you have received this from another source then please accept my apologies but I didn't know that you had already got it!

For every death you hear about in Iraq or Afghanistan there are countless more casualties that never get reported on the news. The current situation sees injured servicemen and women being brought back to the UK and put in random hospitals, often away from where their friends and family live.

These servicemen and women , who are often on their own, are put in wards with normal civilian patients who have no concept of the environment these individuals have just been extracted from. There have also been a number of cases of these injured personnel then being verbally abused by Islamic civilian patients when they realise they have just returned from Iraq/ Afghanistan.

This petition is asking for the government to bring back dedicated Military Hospitals in the UK so that injured servicemen and women can be cared for in a safe and dignified environment with staff and fellow patients who understand the situation that they have just returned from. Please take one or two minutes to fill out the Downing Street Petition on behalf of our injured servicemen and women bearing in mind we all know what the damage of war can do. Our comrades returning from Iraq & Afghanistan with horrific injuries to a health care situation that is a joke.

With our troops being deployed in greater numbers we must go back to the dedicated care that they fully deserve - so please lend your support to the petition to the Prime Minister on the Downing Street Petition Web Site.

The petition is:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to bring back dedicated Military Hospitals to provide adequate facilities (non HS) for members of the Armed Forces who are injured or disabled in the course of their duties'

Please visit before the close on 6th August 2007.

If you do sign you will receive an email from No 10 with a link to confirm your signature.


If you do as requested I suggest that you address your mail to one person and put all the others as Bcc, that way your address book remains private.

Sincerely yours
Done and passed on to the kind folk who've signed the Ashstead petition. anymore for anymore? :D
done :cheese:
I agree.
However, and I don't want to sound like a complete stick in the mud. The NHS at the moment is going through some severe changes. Potential closing of hospitals, A+E depts and maternity ad nauseum. Merging of Ambulance Service trusts etc..., the merging of PCT's back to old named SHA's etc... And all this from a Labour Government! (who would of thought eh?) Clearly there is no bottomless pit of money and everyone is feeling the pinch.

Some how I don't think they would revert back to Mil Hospitals, why were they all closed/down graded in the first place? Money seems to be the overiding factor. I don't think they should have closed in the first place. It seems a long way off rebuilding/converting current estates to a centre of excellence.
It is also clear that Soldiers (and Sailors, Airmen) need a dedicated hospital, recovery, respite, rehabillitation Centres purely for their needs and their needs only. With no end in sight to Iraq/Afghanistan et al, something needs to be sorted. The Government entered into conflict and her HMF needs the very best in Rx and care for her employees.
done ex RAMC
In 1977 a (ex CO of Colchester Military Hospital in 1976) Col Henry Foster L/RAMC and a few of his comrades to include a Major General Ling......
Went to 10 Downing Street with a petition of 10,000 plus names to keep the hospital open. Sadley this failed.......but perhaps if we have some senior retired officers who are now willing to stand up and shout!!!!! Then perhaps we will get somewhere!
I'm all for bringing back the military hospitals, just so long as they aren't the admin-fcukin-nightmares that the 'military' ward* at a certain much-publicised hospital in the West Midlands is. Military patients (on the whole) are much better to look after. The atmosphere in the military bays is great, and you can talk to the boys like humans.

The admin side of life and the ****-retentiveness that it breeds in the officers and some of the seniors is a killer to staff morale though. You can't help but think that the quality of actual patient care would increase by a factor of ten if there was a drastic cut in the administration that is required due to the vultures of the press pulling apart every decision that is made on the unit. If the Military hospitals re-opened then hopfully the spotlight would come off and the we could all get back to looking after the lads and not sitting behind desks all day to make sure we're covering our backs. [/rant]

*Not that we are allowed to call it a military ward.
If you would like to speak/heckle with the said Surg Gen he will be here >>> in Liverpool
on Saturday 11th August, there is to be held a dinner to celebrate the life of Noel Chavasse in the 90th year since he was awarded his second VC and his death. The Surgeon General has promised to attend as well as a Mr "Branch" and other dignitaries. Individual places are £40 or £350 for a table of ten.

? I may be there ? need I say more?
done, looks like its getting on for 30,000

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