Petition for dedicated military hospital

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by g0d_botherer_187, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. Hi there,

    Just a heads up if you haven't seen this already:

    Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2008 09:19:03 +0100
    Subject: Fwd:Release-Authorised: MILITARY HOSPITAL

    This e-mail originated from Gosport Borough Council.

    Please support the petition for a dedicated military hospital.

    Please also circulate this e-mail to your friends and contacts.

    Some background:
    '2 Para ' alone have on their current tour sent
    back over 50 casualties to the UK , and even this number cannot be
    accommodated at Selly Oak Hospital . So when all of the casualties
    from other battle groups are added to this figure, how is ONE
    ward in ONE NHS hospital going to cope? It cannot, and as a
    result the individual troops are sent home to recover relying on
    NHS visiting services which themselves are over committed.

    We need a dedicated military hospital if servicemen and
    servicewomen, who have been committed to hostilities and injured,
    are to get the medical care they rightly deserve.
    A lot more than 5000 names are needed for this petition to
    survive, and quite cynically, Downing Street has put a time limit
    of one month - during the summer holidays - for this to be
    achieved. Please support it - please copy the link below to
    confirm your signature on the petition. Please forward this
    email to as many people as you can. Thanks.

    The petition was created by Denzil Connick and reads: 'We the
    undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Create a dedicated
    Military & Veterans Hospital within the UK .'

    Please click on the link below to sign the Petition. Thank you.
  2. Already done - HERE.

    Please try using the search function.
  3. It now stands at 73300
  4. Apart from the petition, which I fully support did you know that there is still a fully functioning, but not properly staffed, military hospital at Haslar (Portsmouth). This is the only hospital in the UK that has never had MRSA or C Difficile, it would be ideal for all military patients be they operational casualties or simply in need of proper treatment. Once again our unthinking, doctrinaire government can't see a defence and health benefit when it is staring them in the face!
  5. A heads up on a hospital,

    I was in Talgarth 2 weeks ago - there is an empty hospital there. Before it goes to rack and ruin perhaps enquiries could be made. It is in a beautiful setting.
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Isn't Selly Oak going to get its own military wing??!!

    Was visiting someone at Headley Court the other day who said that in his opinion his move from point of wounding through to Selly Oak and onwards was exemplary.

    Maybe this petition is yesterday's war? Would like to hear CURRENT views.