Petition for Bank Holiday to "Remember our Heroes"

Well, we have Armed Forces Day and they put that on a Saturday so that they didnt have to give anyone the day off, Remembrance Day (in which we remember our fallen, could be a stumbling block in the call for the 'Remember our heroes day' as we technically already have one) is on a Sunday, another no need to give people time off day, I see a theme!
As said, we already have one in Rememberance sunday, so why do we need another?

For the sake of another day off, it isnt needed.
Agree, I remember all of those who served and who gave their lives on Remembrance day and those of who I know everyday, I wont be signing it.
What a stupid petition. It is things like this that downgrade the interest in real petitions presented at 10 Downing Street
So would the day be cancelled if we stop war fighting for a while?

Remembrance Day does it.

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