Petition for a Sikh regiment within the British Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. Be careful what you ask for. Sounds good in principle, but in practice it is devisive. All HSChaggar said in is post in the related thread was that his service would be conditional. As he is a British Citizen, his notion is as ridiculous as a potential recruit saying they would only serve in a CofE Battalion.
  2. Conditional can mean many things, given the Sikhs track record in serving the Crown I think any conditions would be perfectly acceptable.
  3. Fine if you are recruiting from a different country, a la Gurkhas. But we are not talking about that are we? We are talking about British Citizens.
  4. I'd disagree with that mate, Mr Chaggar makes the point that having experienced what he thought was discrimination it made him think twice. How many other potential recruits who are as patriotic as you and me are missing out on the opportunity to serve their country because of perceived discrimination? Would Gurkhas be happy serving as individuals in line regiments? Probably not but we wouldn't want to be without them.

    Gordon could even call it his plan for an Army of "all the talents".

    Anything that can be done to get them in should be done and a Sikh unit drawing from the Sikh community is no different from a county regiment drawing from it's local area.

    Plus if we had a Sikh regiment and suddenly needed lots more troops, a few phone calls to cousins back in the Sub-continent and voila, 1st Sikh Division!

    Good luck to them imho.
  5. FFS we let the Welsh join! :D
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  6. If a religious minority within the UK, with a proven history of loyalty to the Crown, believes that it can fully recruit at least one Regiment (AND HAS OFFERED!!) with a character representative of that minority. I am all for it, given that we are engaged in a thirty years War we do not have the luxury of refusing such an asset.
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  7. Trial it, if it doesn't work end the trial.
  8. There is absolutely no correlation to Gurkhas. If the British Citizens who are Sihks are so warry and patriotic, now would be the time to join, without conditions of service being different from any other Brit who joins up.
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  9. A Sikh regiment might put the wind up Johny foreigner no end.
  10. So your saying that the Paras and RM should be spread around standard regiments and lose their special status?
  11. Granted it's not the same thing, however there is an existing and lapsed tradition of Sikh regiments serving HMG so what's your beef?

    No-ones talking about different conditions of service it's about a unit identity that they can all feel comfortable getting behind. Not trying to be a d*ck mate I just genuinely don't get your objection.
  12. What a ridiculous analogy.
  13. Of course and while we are at it lets have a Muslim regiment, a Hindu regiment, Jedi regiment, then when we have those lets have a black only regiment, Then the army will have no more more recruiting problems.
    Sikhs along with all other religions/races are not any more or less important than anyone else.
    They had segragation in the American army once and it wasn't the best decision ever made.
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  14. So are you signing the petition or what?