Petition for a dedicated UK based Military Hospital

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Longlostlabtech, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. See this petition and sign if you agree for the return of a UK Mil Hosp.

    Found this message posted on the RAMC Reunited site by ex RAMC member;


    "I have been forwared the following message which as you will see is another worthwhile petition. If you are interested in signing up to this cause then please visit the site:

    "Maybe you will join this petition? Only 5000 people thereabouts have done this so far which is hardly a blip when compared to other petitions.

    Just some background, 2 Para alone have on this tour sent back over 50 casualties to the UK and from having been to Selly Oak myself I know that many cannot be accommodated so when all of the casualties from other battle groups are added to the figure, how is ONE ward in an NHS hospital going to cope? It cannot cope, the individual troops are sent home to recover rlying on NHS visiting services which themselves are over committed.

    A lot more than 5000 names are needed for this petition and quite cynically, Downing Street has put a time limit of one month for this to be achieved.

    Do what you can."
  2. I think that this is running on another thread in the Int Cell marra.
  3. Think it should be on this site as well, as many people only check this one out.
  4. Whatever but if you aint signed but want to then sign it now.
  5. On Friday last there were under 4000 signatures.Today at 1200 hrs,there were about 45000!! We need to triple this,so please send petition to anyone you can think of-NOW!!!
  6. I'll probably get a slagging but the Surgeon General has a point. Medical care has become so specialised you cannot possibly get all the disciplines available to the high standard required in one military hospital. To the person who did the maths in the first post on this thread, not all the casualties will go to the one ward in Selly Oak. A serious burns patient might for example go to Odstock which has one of the best burns units in the world and they would get better care there.

    Don't get me wrong, I would far prefer all service personnel to recuperate together in a mil only ward in a single hospital, but its not going to happen at least in part until the move to the new hospital mentioned in the article and further more its not in the best interests of clinical care for the injured. I'm afraid I won't be signing the petition.

    Standing by for incoming.
  7. 1. You wouldnt be a nurse or doctor by any chance would you?
    2. Have you been round long enough to have served in a Military hospital (i.e. Munster, Rinteln, Hannover, CMH, Woolwich, DKMH)?

    The SG stated that 'I am absolutely clear that it is no longer clinically viable to maintain such a facility. Simply put, the NHS is the best place to treat our injured Service personnel and to train our military consultants, doctors and nurses'.

    Doctors and Nurses... As I recall the the military hospitals started closing shortly after the Military losing their Higher Professional Training status for Doctors, shortly followed by the Nurses losing theres by the NMC. call me a Cynic

    Welcome to the NHS and wait in line! 'The Way forward =

    Why shouldn't we (The British) have a dedicated facility, run by the military for the military, thier families and veterans... The Americans have the right idea and appear to look after thiers for life...
  8. LGS, cheers for the reply, no I'm not in the profession, but that's a good point about the HPT status.

    I just don't see the military hospital thing as being in the best interests of the patients. Given the advances in medicine in the last few years, the fact that people are surviving wounds that they'd have had no chance with even 5 years ago, we need our wounded to go to the hospitals where they have the skills and kit to do the job in many varied medical disciplines. The other key factor is practicing the skills. Apologies for being a bit flippant, but can you imagine reopening Haslar for example as an all singing all dancing hospital with all the discplines covered and then the staff have to wait for a civvy in Alverstoke to be a victim of gun crime to get the relevant trauma experience. They'll be waiting a long time...

    There's so many arguments for and against this, and rightly its a highly emotive subject. We all want to recover in a military only ward, but imagine being a victim of a GSW to the head. Would you want to be on the single military ward or in the neuro-recovery ward? Or would you want to be an orthopeadic patient on a ward where the nurses specialise in burns care? (I'm talking post ICU here). Its just that its not always practical to have us all together in one ward and expect the proper level of care from the doctors and nurses trained to give that specific care.

    Anyway, this debate is currently being held over here so I'll be over there so as not hijack this thread any further. Off to AFG again tomorrow so won't be on for much longer anyway...
  9. Well Kermit, regardless of whatever any of us think, the rights and the wrongs, the good and the bad... Military Hospitals are dead in the water, a long time dead and will continue to disappear until non are left! Sad very Sad, but there ain't no private practices in Military Hospitals...

    How long before we see private firms sending field surgical teams out to support us on deployments, how long before corporate medical insurance comes in cos the NHS can't cope with the 'routine' health requirements or continued care for the honest Tommy?

    It's Ok though cos 'the NHS is the best place to train our military consultants, doctors and nurses'.
  10. LGS, last now pissed reply (why do we do it before our flights?), but I agree with you, which is why petitions like this just make me sad I suppose. People sign up for them with the best of intentions (do I sound terribly patronising?) but the reality is that they're a waste of time especially on a subject such as this where the Surgeon-General agrees (albeit imho correctly) with the government current line. Has this all come from the strategy essentially set in motion years ago since the DMS review of the 90s was it? which got us where we are now. And where are we now? Probably/possibly the best life expectancy and clinical care we've ever had, but with the lowest morale about such such care from those who observe it from the outside. There are varying stories both horror and complimentary from the patients themselves but I suppose its the guys going to theatre (no ambiguity, I mean on tour) who need to feel the most that they will be properly looked after if the worst happens. That's where the challenge for our leaders lies.

    Sorry slightly pissed, but there we are.