petition against wheel clamping


Hi People
sorry to bother you with a mundane item.
I have started an online petition to outlaw private clamping firms and would appreciate all and sundry to sign it, I'd also request that you pass details of this onto all that you know. Clamping is legalised extortion with sums of up to £500 being demanded and or sexual favours, the bit that hacked me when I was clamped was they only wanted money (£352), I'm well upset, my body's as good as the next one when abused. :headbang:
I'm of the view that clamping a car defies logic.

Surely, if a car is parked somewhere that causes a danger or unwanted interference, the aim should be to get it REMOVED as soon as possible, rather than lock it in place.

If it's on a public road and the TRUE reason for No Parking signage being put up is for SAFETY reasons, then the car should be towed away. If the reason for the signage is purely as a money spinner (I'm convinced that many councils are in cahoots with NCP et al), then the case should be argued in court and twelve good men and true should decide whether the reasons for the restrictions on parking hold water.

On private land, the parker should be made to pay somehow - after all, he's got a bit of neck parking on someone else's property. If he's obstructing a fire exit, for example, then towing away must be the only option, rather than clamping. If he's taking up a parking space, then by all means clamp him but charge a reasonable rate - say £5 per hour that he's there plus the costs of somebody else having to use a car park (plus the costs of that person's time and of any consequential losses incrued by the firm), plus the pro rata administrative costs of the clamping firm. All up, probably about £100-£150. A few paintwork scratches wouldn't go amiss either. It's all about deterrence, after all.

If the car's got polish registration plates, then you may as well just crush it - it probably doesn't belong to the driver. The same goes if the tax disc is out of date or if there's a copy of "Le Monde" on the back seat.


Clamping firms have to place notices on areas they supposedly cover, one of the girls working for our company was clamped due to the fact that the clampers had parked a van blocking the the signs.
It is classed as extortion and theft in scotland, how can that be the so?
I know the jocks have their own laws and parliament, but extortion is extortion wether it is in Scotland or rip off England/Wales.
Clampers have even clamped a hearse with a body in the back.


Why not get a no win no fee lawyer and take your grudge to court, the human rights act lays down that you must have the right to freedom of movement.

I am willing to bet some loony old judge would be on your side.

Do the human rights apply to white,hetro,non drug using, non disabled,non abused,non muslim/jew/hindu/jedi, english speaking male.

thought not
Koni suspension lowering kit is the answer, get those wheels well up into the arches. These clamping fcukdogs aren't allowed to damage your car