Petition against British taxpayer underwriting of World Bank Loans to Argentina

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Office_Linebacker, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. Afternoon all.

    Thought this might kick-start some debate.

    The TaxPayers' Alliance (TPA) have launched a campaign against British taxpayer backing for World Bank loans to Argentina. The US currently has a policy of voting against any new loans, in response to Argentina’s treatment of existing creditors. The TPA are arguing British representatives should do the same.

    The full details are here Sign the petition: Stop British funding to Argentina | Home | The TaxPayers' Alliance

    And the e-petition can be found here Stop British taxpayers
  2. Here we go again.....the yanks do it, so should we.
  3. In this instance though the septics are spot on.
  4. I've very happily signed this!
  5. Signed.... Argie *****!
  6. I would just like to know how we are funding Argentina.

    Obviously I have signed it, but I think that the organisers should be much less melodramatic and stick with the facts rather then having headlines that suggest we fund Argentina directly.
  7. Signed, now I'm off to the local Goucho steakhouse, order half the menu and run off is the plan. Well it works for them!
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  8. The yanks might be on iffy grounds.
    Spicland went bankrupt and did a deal but some funds thought they cou
    D hold out for more.

    But we certainly shouldnt give them any cash under any circumstances till theybgrow the **** up.
  9. A petition!

    That will show them!
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  10. I've already written to the lead singer of Echo and the Bunnymen.....
  11. Signed, 890 sigs so far
  12. From the report:

    Britain is a major shareholder in the World Bank. The Bank’s institutions and its affiliates fund their programmes through a mix of equity from shareholders and borrowing. The commercial borrowing cannot be separated from equity from shareholders as it borrows on the basis of its equity base.
    The equity base in turn is based on a total capital subscription from each Member State.
    Part of that subscription is left uncalled but it is still a real commitment that enables the
    Bank to borrow affordably, and for which British taxpayers are ultimately liable. Britain’s
    total capital subscription at 30 June 2011 was £8.4 billion (of which £7.8 billion was
    uncalled), which made it the fifth largest shareholder in the Bank.
  13. signed.

    not the first time the yanks have helped fund our opposition. Maybe a Falklands 2 sponsored by Washington and Budweiser may keep us up to speed between our pullout from Afghan and our infill to Syria.
  14. Signed.

    Can I borrow a fiver
  15. 3268 sigs now. Although after reading the report I haven't got a clue what it says!