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Peterborough TA

All my life I've wanted to join the Army, and I've been thinking about the TA recently.

I'm in Peterborough, and we have a local TA centre, I've been told its great but thats one opinion, anyone else have any views on it?

I'm also not that clued up on it to be fair, I mean, I assume that because the units based at the Peterborough TA are 200 HQ Squadron & 201 Transport Squadron Troop, 158 Transport Regiment - Royal Logistics Corps, then Logistics is what my training would be based around, would I be restricted to this after basic?

I've tried to read up as much as I can, aswell as probably having 2 or 3 Army DVD's/Booklets, but there are still a fair few gaps. After my basic training in the TA, what would my options be? Whether it be transfering to the Regulars or whatever?

Cheers in advance
The only way you are going to find out is to visit the TA unit/units you want to join and see for yourself. The only opinion you should be listening to is your own, not those here. If you feel they appear professional and a helpful when you enquire, then who knows...................

The hardest thing for a potential recruit to do is to make the first step and walk through their prospective TA units door.

So, go on, just do it.
If you've got a car, go to a few other units to compare and contrast.


Then you will know who makes you feel most welcome, and has the most interesting role. Within an hour's drive you could be signals, logistics, medics, REME, infantry, you choose.

You can search on here for how to transfer to the ARAB's if you feel the need.
P'boro eh? I lived there for a bit. As Angular said, have a good shop around, Cambridge, Leicester etc. Dont forget your travels paid for, although I dont know the maximum mileage.
Im based in East London and we have one chap who travels from Southend and one from Rugby,although the Rugby chaps just living the temperary. Its worth noting these 2 come in every Tuesday without fail, when theres guys who live round the corner who never show up.
Shop around, and dont worry too much, if you really really want to change, then you can (i dont know anything about transferring units etc so please dont quote me on that!!).
The TA at peterbourgh do a wide range of stuff 200 Sqn are a HQ sqn so do things like comms, cooking, quatermasters department and the LAD the REME there are seriously short of VM's, if you want to drive a drops then the detached troop from 201 sqn based at peterbourgh is also there but all there vehicles are in bedford then you also have The Band of The Royal Anglian Regiment who are part of 3 Royal Anglian and if you have no interest in soldiering or ever wearing a uniform these are the guys for you(and if you are an ignorant co.ck with an inflated sense of your own importance join these muppets) and there is also the Drinki....er I mean Drums Platoon 3 Royal Anglian a bit of an odd bunch this lot but a good gang of blokes personal I think the best you could do is get down the TAC and speak to people your self
If it appeals, try 3 MI Bn (V). One of their Coys, although nominally based in London, in reality spends most of its time at Brampton, near Huntingdon. Recruit and trade training would involve a lot of travelling though, but Tesday nighta are at Brampton.
Cheers for the replies. Thinking about it I think I'm more likely to join straight upto the regs and get out of "peterboring"/"polandborough" (whatever u prefer).

Half the reason I thought of the TA was to see if I liked it but taking in some things in other threads, the time I waste in the TA could be time spent finishing my basic and off to my regiment (and closer to a tour!).

All the replies are appreciated.
Filbert Fox said:
I used to live in Werrington, although escaping Peterborough wasnt the reason I joined, it certainly put a spring in my step on the way to the ACIO.
could have been worse filbert you could have lived in dogsthorpe
balldrick said:
Filbert Fox said:
I used to live in Werrington, although escaping Peterborough wasnt the reason I joined, it certainly put a spring in my step on the way to the ACIO.
could have been worse filbert you could have lived in dogsthorpe
Or the Welland... Now that's where weapon training and CQB skills could be useful! :wink:
C Coy 3 R Anglian Regt (Infantry) Is based at leicester with a Rifle Platoon and Assault Pioneer Platoon (Poor mans Engineers) A good company that is close to becoming fully manned and with a new intake of recruits coming

Contact PSAO
0116 2624552
Ulverscroft Road

If its tours you after there are a number on the horizon as well as the fact that ammount of serving soldiers in the Coy and Batttallion have been away on Ops already

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