Peterborough model show 03/03/19

Any idea why the modeller chose that set up as opposed top one with launch tubes? Photos of both exist, I haven't seen how non launch tube fitted craft actually launch them!
I'm no expert (where's a matlot when you need one) but didn't they get up to speed, then drop launched them ie when they hit the water, the forward motion through the water setting the motors off.
Shrugs shoulders.....


Dont worry it seems tubes weren't always fitted and drop off launching worked too:
pt torp.png
pt tube launch.jpg

at 6.39 you can see the roll off method!
I was wondering that, but being a dullard assumed it worked some how.


Why have tubes then? More accurate launching?
It doesn't explain why but when at least

The primary anti-ship armament was two to four Mark 8 torpedoes, which weighed 2,600 pounds (1,179 kg) and contained a 466-pound (211 kg) TNT warhead. These torpedoes were launched by Mark 18 21-inch (530 mm) steel torpedo tubes. Mark 8 torpedoes had a range of 16,000 yards (14,630 m) at 36 knots (67 km/h; 41 mph). These torpedoes and tubes were replaced in mid-1943 by four lightweight 22.5-inch-diameter (570 mm) Mark 13 torpedoes, which weighed 2,216 pounds (1,005 kg) and contained a 600-pound (270 kg) Torpex-filled warhead. These torpedoes were carried on lightweight Mark 1 roll-off style torpedo launching racks. The Mk13 torpedo had a range of 6,300 yards (5,800 m) and a speed of 33.5 knots (62.0 km/h; 38.6 mph).

Cheers wiki
Maybe they didnt want to make bigger diameter tubes and found they would work just as well rolled off at speed. The USN suffered reliability issues with its torps for a long time.
Very interesting! An exciting but dangerous way to fight a war I would imagine.
Cracking diorama, shame about the bloke asleep on the job.



Wonderful Spad

Struggling with rigging a 1/48 or 1/32 bipe?
How about a 1/600 Linke Hofmann?


Stunning Sdkfz 7


The MV show winner, a Landwasserschlepper

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Very nice P38 in a great setting




That's the lot, a fantastic show, highly recommended.

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