Peterborough - Co-operative War memorial move - Relatives sought


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Saw this and thought it might be of interest to Arrsers who live in the patch :

RELATIVES of three March ( Cambridgeshire ) men killed during World War I and II are being urged to come forward to take part in attend a speical commemorative event this year.
Anglia Co-operative is preparing to salute employees who were killed in action in the two wars and would like to contact relatives of the men to attend the event in June.

The company is trying to make contact with relatives of World War I casualties H. Hall and G. R. Hudson and with B. E. A. Ringham, who died during World War II, in the hope they can attend.

A memorial tribute to staff killed in the wars is being moved from Anglia Co-operative’s former base to its head office in Saville Road, Westwood, Peterborough and will be re-dedicated by the Rev Peter Denton at a ceremony in the grounds on Saturday, June 22.

Representatives of the British Legion, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force are being invited to attend and it is hoped a band will play The Last Post.

Chief executive John Chillcott said: “The memorial was originally unveiled by the Bishop of Peterborough in 1921 but, now that our head office has moved, we felt it fitting to have a re-dedication ceremony at Saville Road and we would like as many relatives of these men as possible to attend.”

If you are related to any of the three men employed by the former Peterborough Co-operative, and would like to attend the ceremony, please call 01733 225559 by Friday, May 3, or e-mail


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I 'lived 'in Peterborugh for ten years once . The council were thinking of having it carpeted before I left .


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Well...I knew that at least one reply would be on the theme: ' Peterboro - a great place to leave behind!' ....can't say I warmed to MDHU P much myself :)

Notwithstanding I'm pretty sure that at least one Arrser may have an idea where the Co-op can find out a bit more about those they have commemorated for the best part of 90 years.

Local Great War recruiters were either Herts,Beds & Bucks or Norfolks if I recall correct.

My own village memorial does not give units - just names and in one post WWII case theatre (Malaya).

Hmm, Google gave me this much - but I'm not a member of the site so no additional details:

Bertie Ringham , possibly RASC

and this gave died 1944 in Southampton, age 27.

D-Day casevac?


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...thanks for squaring me away then...every day a college day!

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