Peter Wilson win Gold medal in mens Double Trap

BBC mentioned that his funding had been cut after Beijing and now he will get it reinstated after getting gold. Seems a bit naff, fair play on him for winning.
Got to say, impressed with the shooting. More impressed that the bloke had the support from a prior winner who saw the potential and made it possible for Peter to realise his dreams.
On a personal level, I thought some of the Olympic sports were exclusively for the rich yet now realise there are always regional, county, national, international competitions and many other qualifying hoops which every sport athletes need to throw themselves through in order to get their chance.... Umm, well done them as well.
I watched the Ladies Olympic Skeet and it was apparent that the Director hadn't got a clue. Crap camera placing by someone who obviously didn't understand the sport.
I notice on the BBC website that each sporting discipline page has various links of the "Want to get involve in ...?" type. I wonder if clicking on the trap and skeet page links result in the plod turning up at your door, all ninja'd up, because you have shown an unhealthy liking to shooty things.....

Moi cynical????
No more cynical than I, Croque-Monsieur. Last night I observed to my wife that if the news of a Gold Medal involving a farmer with a shotgun had not caused sufficient coronaries amongst ACPO and other anti-shooting lobbyists, Peter Wilson opining to Gary Lineker that "everyone should take up shooting because it's such a great sport" ought to have done the trick...
Sky International showed a few photos.

They also had some Aussie Journo' on this morning who'd picked up on the story reviewing the papers...she was pretty gushing about it which was a nice change.

As the press/media tend never to surpress any positive stories about shooting sports I'm really surprised that there hasn't been more coverage.

As a nation we should be ashamed to take credit vicariously for the shooting medals we win...however as an active shooter I feel quite happy to applaud Peter and also offer condolences to Richard Faulds...

Tony Blair and his knee jerk reaction to Dunblane, supported by a bunch of woolly anti-gun liberals in his majority government - are you watching you twat? No I didn't think you would be...
at first glance I thought it said "Peter Wilson win Gold medal in mens Double Thrap". I was just about to switch the telly on incase I missed the women's doubles

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