Peter Sutcliffe, released or not.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Monty417, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. Just on the news that it's to be debated. This after being given 20 life sentences with minimum of 30 yrs to be served.
  2. How the perverse logic of our legal system works is beyond me?

    20 Life sentences = 30 years min?????
  3. that 30 years is up next year :( i for one think, no leave him to rot and bury him head down, in a potato sack with his favourite ball pein hammer rammed up his jacksy and a rotten orange in his mouth
  4. Waste of our f..k..g money, he should have been topped! :twisted:
  5. I agree, this man if given freedom would be given a false name etc etc etc and who would pay for it?

    Yes i know we pay for him to stay in Her Majesties finest hotel, so what BB said!
  6. Agreed... 13 murders and 7 attempted. Just what do you have to do to get life without consideration of release?

    Doctors have declared him fit for release from Broadmoor..great, transfer the bastard to a top security prison.
  7. I can't seriously see them releasing him. Even though he'll have served his minimum porridge, he's still a fückin' psycho, ain't he?

  8. I'd love to see him released, he'd be dead within a week.
  9. Bleeding-heart liberals like you make me fcuking sick! :twisted:
  10. No I am not a psycho :?
  11. Look at this rubbish....

    A source close to Mr Sutcliffe told The Sun he is regarded as a "model patient" at Broadmoor, and medics are more concerned about the risk the public poses to him rather than the risk he poses to the public.

    "He is effectively cured as long as he never stops taking his medication," the source said.

    How can anyone be 'cured' if they need medication to stay sane.
    Maintenance at the best, he's a murdering lunatic if he stops his happy pills.
  12. He's already changed his name.
    The Judge at the hearing took away his anonymity . He now goes by the name of Peter Coonan.

    Edited to add..............he'll no doubt change it again if he's released.
  13. They should either tell him his release date is 2310 or release him under licence and employ him to audit MP's expenses.
    If they have any queries, he can give them a one to one interview in a dark place.
  14. To what? Peter Black an Decker?

    I'll get my coat....
  15. The case today was about given him a firm release date and involved a psychiatrist's opinion that he should never have stood trial for murder but should have been found guilty of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. The Crown objected to that opinion being considered but I think it was anyway.
    I really can't see any judge taking the risk that such a dangerously psychotic man would remember or wish to continue taking his medicine and also take the risk that he wont be the subject of revenge, after all he has lost an eye already through being attacked.
    He may get his day in court and he may win the right to know what his minimum sentence will be but that doesn't mean he will be released, I assume that he would still have to go before a parole hearing and I can't imagine them releasing him.