Peter Osgood R.I.P

As a child of the 60's, Osgood was a hero of mine along with the great Ron "Chopper" Harris, Marv Hinton,Ian Hitchinson( who could throw a ball from one side of the pitch to the other) and the
best 'keeper Chelsea ever had, Peter "The cat" Bonnetti. This team would probably have given the present team a trouncing in their heyday, could you imagine Robben taking the punishment dished out by both teams in the 1970 Cup Final?
Anyway, I digress, I posted this simply as a matter of respect and if it has offended you, well if we can pay tribute to 70's wrestlers why not footballers of the old school?

Edited for chippiness
Didn't offend me. Just thought since no-one had posted anything in the 3-hours this topic has been active (must be a record for the Current Affairs board) I'd get the ball rolling ;)
Having met Ossie on a number of occasions I can honestly say British football has lost one of its greatest players. A great loss to us all. A wonderfull gezzer who used to pop into the pubs around the Bridge for a pint & banter with the fans right up until his untimely death. Gutted absolutely gutted. RIP Ossie aka THE KING.

One of footballs true gents a true example of what we need more of the modern game. I was at Anfield last night and have to say all bar one nugget observed a truly well deserved minute of silence. RIP fella.
Yes ok it was tragic but these minute silences are getting beyond a joke now.

Next we'll have one for Sven's cat that passed away.

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