Peter Osgood R.I.P

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Private_Pike, Mar 2, 2006.

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  1. Country_Bumpkin

    Country_Bumpkin Old-Salt

    Whose he then? Child of the 80's.
  2. As a child of the 60's, Osgood was a hero of mine along with the great Ron "Chopper" Harris, Marv Hinton,Ian Hitchinson( who could throw a ball from one side of the pitch to the other) and the
    best 'keeper Chelsea ever had, Peter "The cat" Bonnetti. This team would probably have given the present team a trouncing in their heyday, could you imagine Robben taking the punishment dished out by both teams in the 1970 Cup Final?
    Anyway, I digress, I posted this simply as a matter of respect and if it has offended you, well if we can pay tribute to 70's wrestlers why not footballers of the old school?

    Edited for chippiness
  3. Country_Bumpkin

    Country_Bumpkin Old-Salt

    Didn't offend me. Just thought since no-one had posted anything in the 3-hours this topic has been active (must be a record for the Current Affairs board) I'd get the ball rolling ;)
  4. Having met Ossie on a number of occasions I can honestly say British football has lost one of its greatest players. A great loss to us all. A wonderfull gezzer who used to pop into the pubs around the Bridge for a pint & banter with the fans right up until his untimely death. Gutted absolutely gutted. RIP Ossie aka THE KING.

  5. CakewellTart

    CakewellTart Clanker

    One of footballs true gents a true example of what we need more of the modern game. I was at Anfield last night and have to say all bar one nugget observed a truly well deserved minute of silence. RIP fella.
  6. Taz_786

    Taz_786 LE

    Yes ok it was tragic but these minute silences are getting beyond a joke now.

    Next we'll have one for Sven's cat that passed away.