Peter Oborne in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. Did anyone see his documentary last night where he was embedded (read stuck) with a USMC battalion in Iraq.

    It made for some interesting viewing, particularly the Marine's penchant for dropping 155mm ordinance on plam groves at night in order to 'disturb the insurgents'. It bloddy well disturbed the locals, no wonder they dont want to help the spams.

    Peter Oborne's documentary
    More4's Iraq season
  2. Yeah I saw it. It did indeed make interesting viewing. I particularly liked the bit with the American Col., when they were searching for buried ordanance. Peter obourne asked him if there was a chance of IED's in the area. Straight faced he replied. "Yeah that's why we send in the theese guys(the Iraqi Army) first"! Ha you can see why they love the Americans
  3. I love septics....Makes the French look good......
  4. Yep - watched it and thought the 155mm alarm call pretty much OTT. Not winning Hearts and Minds there. Whatever happened to OP's and patrols?
  5. Ha, that confused me,thought you we're all on about Iraq: The Cameraman's War but that was Sunday!
    Did anyone catch that as well(Also on More4),reporters embedded with RM, made for interesting viewing especially the night firefights.
  6. It was all eerily reminiscent of Vietnam.

    Bombarding trees, sending in the locals to look for IEDs....

    The US Army will spend 15 years in the national doghouse after this one, as after Vietnam....
  7. SPAM's don't know what hearts and minds are they just crack on and fcuk everybody else
  8. Many of you seem to misread us spams. It is far more important to us that our soldiers come home than that we make nice with the locals. I'm not arguing tactics here, this is more of a human/political angle.
  9. I Missed it, any one no if it (or the RM one) are on again some time?

    T C
  10. Known as force protection.

    You guys need to balance the need for force protection with achieving an amicable settlement with the locals (who will ultimately decide if we leave with or without egg on our faces).
  11. In that case why did you bother to occupy the place. A Good working over with Tac Nukes would have solved ALL the issues.

    It's a very narrow minded view point based on just one single concern....Getting re-elected. It's got NOTHING to do with ANY form of Military doctrine or belief.

    It also displays a complete lack of professionalism in every sense of the word and smacks of the behaviour of a brat.

    From my few direct meetings with Septic squaddies coupled with ALL the reports I've had the joy of reading I've ended up regarding septics as worse than useless.
  12. Hmm..good old Harassment & Interdiction fire into a stand of palm trees...

    It's not at all like Vietnam, is it? Nahhhhh...(there's no beer and no tarts)
  13. The image that got me was the village headman, standing by the open sewer running through the village, being asked if he'd seen any bad guys.
    Obviously he said no, and then mentioned that it might be a bit easier for him to report trouble if he (or anyone in the village) had a phone....

    and then was treated to a lecture on the benefits of capitalism and the joys of being able to change your mobile phone provider if you're unhappy with the service, from a Septic officer dressed up like Darth Vader. He didn't even take his sungalsses off to make eye contact!

    Peace through random application of 155mm HE.......
  14. But if you don't make nice with the locals they won't stop shooting at you. If force protection recruits for the enemy don't you think it's just a touch counter-productive ?

    Besides, isn't this weeks reason that we got rid of Saddam that he committed acts of random violence against the locals ?