Peter Mandelson clashes with John Hutton over Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jul 19, 2009.

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  1. From The Times
    July 20, 2009
    Peter Mandelson clashes with John Hutton over Afghanistan
    Francis Elliott, Deputy Political Editor

    Lord Mandelson delivered a barely coded rebuke yesterday to John Hutton, the former Defence Secretary, as the row over British troops and helicopters in Afghanistan prompted a bout of Labour infighting.

    Mr Hutton said that the desire on the front line for more help was unequivocal and that it was “going to take more resources to properly execute” Britain’s military strategy.

    Lord Mandelson responded by insisting that British troops were “well supported ... stemming from decisions taken by John Hutton as Defence Secretary”. He said that future provision would be kept under review and that General Stanley McChrystal, the US and allied commander in Afghanistan, would assess what was needed.

    “John Hutton may not be aware that intensive discussions about these future needs are already under way and those will be properly assessed when the firm recommendations are made by the military commanders in the field,” Lord Mandelson added.

    He denied that Gordon Brown had turned down a request for 2,000 extra troops and said that it was the Government’s intention to protect the defence budget from cuts.

    Calls for more helicopters and men have increased this month after 16 British deaths in two weeks. Sir Jock Stirrup, the Chief of Defence Staff, went to Downing Street on Friday with a shopping list of requirements drawn up by the head of the Army, General Sir Richard Dannatt.
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  2. Horsesh!t

    Protect from cuts my arrse, didn't turn down 2000 troops - fcuk him, at least politicians usually don't lie outright, this cnut has just told blatant lies right there and then. I don't get properly angry usually, but that fcuking lying scumbag tw@t really p!sses me off. He is everything anyone hates and despised about politicians.

    Edited to add more anger
  3. "Protect" the defence budget from cuts!? Who do they think is in charge?
  4. Mate,
    We all got to realise....
    Mandelson is the man controlling this entire country.... on behalf of the EU President in waiting. The funny thing is... Bruwn hasn't a clue that once he's past his use-by date (rapidly approaching) he'll be thrown out the backdoor and remembered as the worst/most unpopular and unelected PM in British history.... Therefore... dont believe a word them rubbishes have to say as they are only in it for themselves and they couldn't give a stuff about this country.

    If only Mandy would be caught in an unforunate shmelting accshident... the world would be a better place. That and a .50 cal round at 1000m for Mr Blair.

    good night...
  5. Rt. Hon. Lord Mandelson.
    First Secretary of State, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills, Lord President of the Council.

    Why is he commenting on this matter, does it fall within his remit?
  6. Gorgon may have the title PM but imo, he is the puppet with Scandelson operating. I don't understand how on earth someone who has been forced to resign twice gets rewarded with a title. He must have some very nasty stuff on many, pity the scumbags don't call his bluff, the most loathed liar in Britain. As for Gorgon, a bloke on the edge that won't take much tipping over but the pretense that he is in charge has to continue to give Bliar the opportunity to fulfil his ambitions.

    I expect Gorgon will spend his retirement quietly and medicated, bastard.
  7. Its becasue McDoom is hunkered down in his hole under Number Ten...... he cannae take the flack ony mair... son!!

    Lord Meddlesome has to step in to keep the feuding Ministers quiet.... "Do not rock the boat...!" Quoth he... "for I am he who comes in the Name of McBroone...!"

    He of the Counties of Foy and Hartlepool..... True Leader of the Liarboring Party....

    He, Lord Pete, has got to have something on McDoom.... what can one say, except hope incredibly wonderfully that more sniping between McRuin's current and ex Cabinet colleagues continues through the summer hols.... Just to prove to the naive and stupid amongst Liarbores ardent supporters, what a bunch of f*cking tossers they all really are..... :roll: :roll:

    It will be as good as a seaside Punch and Judy show..... Keep up the good farkwits.....
  8. Agreed, but my point was simply this: From whom are they 'protecting' the defence budget?
  9. I imagine it is all part of Bliars plotting, cut budgets to the quick and once he becomes the EU President, state that all the Armed Forces will work better under one umbrella, pooling resources. Bliar wants to have something to offer as a gift in return for his new role.

    In the 2005 Liebour manifesto, the electorate was promised a referendum on the European Constitution, denied once it had a makeover, emerging as the Lisbon Treaty but about 90% the proposedEuropean Constitution.

    The Liebourites, more specifically the Bliarites know that Gorgon is not 'fit for purpose' but will pretend to be moderately supportive until the UK is sold out, completely. Unfortunately, those MP's who could force change don't have the gumption to do so.

    And all the time, Scandelson nods approvingly as the bit players do his bidding; doubtless those who do challenge him will have their reputations slurred and more. Personally, I wish the f*cker would visit Dignitas with a one way ticket, assuming of course he isn't too grand to use scheduled flights.
  10. Well Brron was asked the question last week about the 2000 troops by the defence select committee and refused to answer it with a straight yes/no got torn a new one for not answering the question
  11. Its a bad omen, when ministers from the same party clash over their own policy. ---- It gives an impresion of weakness and uncertenty. ----- Bad vibes man :donut:
  12. As I type the dishonest, twisting and twisted Mandelson is on BBC Radio 4.

    He really is the most appalling man. Dissembling, deceit, dishonesty and disgrace being his specialist subjects.

    I have no good words to say about Hutton. That said, I would believe him a thousand times more than I could ever believe Mandelson.

    How is the BBC allowed to continue being an overt propaganda department of this failed government?
  13. Well I trust neither Mandleson or Hutton. The former Defence Secretary getting up and saying our army needs more having resigned his cabinet post where the Army clearly didnt get what is needed to assist in their fight versus the Taleban is too little too late. He must have known about the operation that is now in progress, and did nothing to provide the Generals with their requrements while he was in office. He's another New Labour Cnut.

    The man is no better than Brown or Meddlesome.
  15. The boyfriend aught to stick his todger in Meddlesomes ear and **** some sense into him. :x