peter hitchin sunday mail

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by fatjock, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. Peter tells it how it is.
  2. Does he. What exactly is he saying then?
  3. Interesting thread Numb Nuts, did you forget the link :wink:
  4. Well if he does say how it is that will be a first for the Sunday Mail, or even the Mail on Sunday. :?
  5. Being a jock I purchased the paper
  6. Twice in one thread. Nice one.
  7. Some people are just born special :D
  8. For what it's worth:

  9. Naguere - in order to try to view the article, it's necessary to give HM Mails your details THEN they tell you it'll cost money. $£%£$%£" Daily Bstard.
  10. I bet you didn't, come on, which park bench did you find it on.
  11. nice link fella .............. not ............ dumb asse jock
  12. that is the one
  13. You truly deserve one of these, dullard


    Edited to add its my 666th posting so you must be satan :evil: