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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Minxy, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. LOVED IT!!! Please excuse typos.Originally published 19/2/06 The Mail on Sunday.

    'scuse fingers MoS re. copyright, but we couldn't find a link , and hope you don't mind it being reproduced here....
  2. Such a shame that all of the press don't feel this way about it.
  3. It seems more of them , (especially former embeds) are Biscuits
  4. normaly i wouldnt read the fascist on sunday but that piece by hitchens is very good.
  5. That has cheered me up considerably

    Pulls it all together beautifully

  6. Well done Hitchens , the boys take the pi@@ out of me for reading the mail in work ,
    that goes to show why i do .

  7. Agreed and what a shame more MPs don't feel and say stuff like this,instead of tut tutting and shaking their heads
  8. Jeremy Clarkson wrote a good piece in yesterday's scum, can't find link to it sadly.

    It was well written and totally on our side. At least he speaks his mind and not his 'masters'
  9. A truly great piece of writing from Peter Hitchens, I agree entirely

  10. read the same article and cant finds it on the net at all apart from the actual incidents he describes as examples of what squaddies are facing out there
  11. pete hitchens is an excellent columnist and a patriot so expect him to be in the next cell to abu hamza
    oly difference is hamza will be rescued european law while british law when the government has finished will ensure peter
    hitchens will be derided as a facist and a traitor when we know fine well who the real traitors are we elected them

  12. It was entitled " if you won't let the Army kill, you might as well send Vicars"

    I would include a link but i don't really wish to join their archive section. Here is the search i did thoJeremy Clarkson, 18/2/06
  13. yes i felt the same way.
  14. Quality piece well done HITCHINS