Peter Hitchen on Dyslexic doctors

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Narcissus, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. Found in the Sunday Mail this weekend, I was frankly insulted at his attitude. I can't believe this sort of trash would be allowed to be published!

    Any other thoughts?

  2. Does dyslexia exist? BTW, it's Peter Hitchens, not Peter Hitchen.

    The civvie GPs I have seen have been so pisspoor that I doubt dyslexia, if it indeed exists, would have been much of an extra burden.
  3. Usually his work is very good, but sometimes you need to write an article that pisses people off, I reckon that is whay we have here.
  4. My apologies, however I am not one for reading that rag so not 100% on all their names. But hey ho, he does not have the first idea about things around him so I am not really that sorry for messing up his name. Maybe he'll break a leg and get prescribed 10,000ml of fentanyl by a dyslexic anesthetist.... never know your luck!
  5. Does dyslexia exist? Hmm
  6. I believe his nickname in journalism circles is Peter "barking mad" Hitchens. He's a fundamentalist christian slightly to the right of Genghis Khan and if he was Muslim the sun would be demanding his arrest. I wouldn't pay too much attention to him. I do however read his trash page as for the comedy value.
  7. Peter Hitchens is A Good Thing: the thinking man's Jeremy Clarkson. Always provocative, sometimes a 'dung trumpet', I'll agree, but always interesting.
  8. No, and neither does any other form of autism, or maybe any other neurological condition you can't physically see straight away.
  9. I am outraged !

    I have the condition.

    but loath people who blame everything because of it....get over it bitc h.
  10. So you approve of dyslexic doctors generally then, or just for those who hold differing opinions from you?
  11. No worse than having a doctor or nurse who only has a basic grasp of the English language and I've come across a few of them in my time.
  12. Yes, I'm pretty sure most people who have acquired dyslexia after a head trauma provide sufficient evidence to suggest it does indeed exist. It's also a symptom of many organic neurological conditions, such as dementia.

    So from that, it is now probably quite easy to grasp that as dyslexia is the result of organic damage (in say, the magnocellular pathway, which may impair the visual processing of symbols such as letters), then it stands to reason people can be born with dyslexia, considering all aberrations or nature are possible .

    Unless, I suppose, PH would rather believe that our ability to process words and language is not because of an intrinsically engineered biologically based system, but magic :roll: .
  13. Interesting. There is a genetic component to this. boys are more likely to be dyslexic and it tends to run in families.

    While I agree that it seems a little worrying to have a dyslexic doctor (I cannot remember the names of things or people), if she is able to pass her exams with the condition, she would need to be significantly smarter than most med students. (a genereally smart bunch).
  14. Yes the quite barking Ex Trotskyist and as with most born again anything now shines with the fevor of a convert.

    I believe he is still mentalist against his brother 'Christopher' and would dearly love to watch the edition of Question Time that had them both on.
  15. Those who are dyslexic are often smarter than many around them. They just don´t appear so because we base are opinions of someones intelligence on how they write or read.

    My Mrs is dyselexic, and has been IQ tested at some high level. I don´t really trust IQ tests, as again they tend to be biased to those who have certain educations.

    But she can read a book (Harry Potter and the order of the Pheonix for example) in about 5 hours. When writing a letter she can spell a word 5 different ways for 5 different times. Thank god for spell checker!!!

    And she can´ttell Left from Right or work out timings. Again all things linked to dyselexia.