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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jonwilly, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. Just watched a BBC program on the Russian arms Czar Victor Bount (spelling ).
    In it is the former Brit minister and 'overseas political activist' Peter Hain.
    He was taking at one point about he found Cheltnham's intercept service most useful in keeping track of Arms Trader Bount and the he comes out with the following statement.
    I asked them (his senior civil servants) why don't we just shoot down Bount's arms carrying aircraft ?
    They explained it would be illegal under UK and world Laws.

    What I am saying is,
    Is this guy real. A minister of the Crown asking why don't we just shoot them down.
    Peter Hain the former Lord High Protest wanting to shoot down aircraft and their crews, without of course the Dealer of Death and destruction on board.
    I am left all but speechless.
  2. Iv'e met him a few times, and he gives the one the idea, that without his flunky's he's as thick as shite
  3. Peter Hain is a character who is, unfortunately, all too common in the ranks of New Liarbour. Public School educated, jumper onto any convenient bandwagon to establish his left wing credentials and never having had a proper job. Made a nuisance of himself in the '70s and disappeared from view in the Thatcher years. Got himself a safe seat in a solid Labour area (Neath) despite having no links to either the area or its' mining heritage. Like a great number of current Liarbour MPs, if they'd stood for Parliament under their true colours, they would never have got anywhere near Westminster. It was a shock after the 1997 landslide to find that they were now (mis)running us.
  4. He's not a UK Public school boy but from Pretoria Boys High School, also known as Boys High or PBHS, located in Brooklyn, Pretoria, in the Gauteng province of South Africa. He's also been a Liberal and discovered the labour feedtrough was richer, so off you go and have another hour under the sun lamp Peter!
  5. Which, while not a UK public school, tries very hard to be so, being renowned for a bit too much camaraderie in the sweaty rugby changing rooms, and the unfortunate result that wearing an old boys' tie to the right meetings can have desireable results. A bit like this, except being South African it's gussied up in much more hairy machismo.

    So he's very much of the school of bourgeois new leftists who wear political causes like fashion items with little real care for the consequences of their actions.
  6. Hain is, without doubt the most noxious and wholly unpleasant 'thing' in the New Labour firmament - and golly has he got some competition in that mob?!

    As a Welshman I simply cannot understand how the good people of Neath can countenance being 'represented' by such a reprehensible reptilian.

    In Blaenau Gwent (Abertillery and Ebbw Vale) the electorate told Bliar where to place his choice as Labour candidate, twice, and elected their own good person. Neath, hang your heads in shame.

    The vile Hain stood here in Putney once - any guesses as to the result?
  7. Hain strikes me as insidiously left wing, I'm not being racist (...oohh there is again) but with his SA background and Trotskyist past I cannot for the life of me imagine him loyal to British interests.

    Could be wrong.
  8. He should have been shot down years ago for the robbery he was fingered for :D

    Did he not do something naughty with money more recently?.
  9. Allegedly yes, but only £150,000 'ish' of election expenses - undeclared by accident!

    An oversight! £100,000 plus - oh! so easy to lose sight of a mere £100,000 when you know find out how much EXPENSES (your TAX money) these troughing porcines can claim

    Imagine your fate posters if you accidentally forgot to declare to 'Stalin' Brown's Revenue Stasi £150,000 or £15,000 or even £1,500? There again, I do not suppose many of you posters are 'whiter than white' Labour MPs.

    Bliar said his MPs would be "...whiter than white...". However, we all know Bliar is a liar!
  10. [align=center][​IMG][/align]

    I refer the Honourable Gentlemen to my previous speeches on this subject:

    I believe that the slimy Orange One in question has been adequately described in these instances, but further and deeper exploration of his repulsiveness is always welcome while he draws the breath to which he is not entitled.
  11. he's a prick
    end of
  12. As a mate from Glyn Neath told me, its because they would vote for a donkey if it had a red rosette on it.
  13. Do you mean to say he's even more noxious than Hazel Blears and Beverley Hughes ?
  14. My sympathies.
  15. Always reminds me of