Peter Hain, the last British colonialist

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. Jenny McCartney of the Sunday Telegraph has today written a highly perceptive and accurate summary of the situation not only in Northern Ireland, but of the constitutional crisis roiling in the UK itself. The essence of Great Britain is in the process of being destroyed wholesale by a deeply corrupt 'NuLab' set of morals and values. Their hostility towards what I personally believe to be the basis of the United Kingdom's greatness (personal freedom, tolerance of dissent but intolerance of lawbreaking - among others) is peaking, as their mendacious champagne socialism not merely bows to, but rewards the enemies of what could be perceived as 'white, English, Christian, people, of all "classes" and "communities".

    All which means that I sincerely believe that it's high time the people of this country quickly changed direction - and by that I don't mean towards the NuCon of Cameron and his equally feeble band of nutlickers. Where to? I see no strong, capable personalities in Parliament - maybe Farage of UKIP, but he's more clown than captain. Are we doomed?

    And yes, I really, truly, deeply loathe the sort of politician exemplified by Hain and his ilk. Burning at the stake would be a meagre punishment for his vileness. Why the hell can't these scumbags be weeded out before they become politically powerful?
  2. I couldn't have put it better myself.
  3. But I got there first. That's the benefit of Guinness at Lunchtime.
  4. Jenny McCartney's is the best piece I've read on the NI power-sharing administration since agreement was announced, and her wider remarks on Scotland are spot-on, too.

    The imminent departure of Hain the Reptile is the best news the province has had lately.
  5. Not sure whether this is just another urban myth but I heard a story that Hain was convicted of robbery when he was in South Africa. Anyone else heard that one?
  6. Not exactly. In 1976 he was acquitted of alleged involvement in a London bank robbery - believed by Hain to have been an attempted stitch-up by the South African Bureau of State Security (BOSS). There is a school of thought that PH began to work for MI5 as a result of that, but I suspect that's indeed an Urban Myth.

    Either that or MI5 have far lower standards than I'd expect of them . . . .

    See :
  7. I suspect that IP had his fingers crossed when he 'agreed' with SF/IRA. The history of agreements there seems to be that leaders sign up and then look for their pet ideas to be implemented. If anything is done for the other side, they wriggle out using those, thankfully, unique talents of the Irish/gift of the gab/Blarney stone. For example, he could well resurrect the compliance with weapons put beyond use debate.
  8. Quite possible. Never underestimate the lengths politicos will go to, to get hands on the levers of power (and the ministerial salaries/"expenses" are handy, too).

    IP can always play the non-compliance/SF-support-for-policing card if things don't suit him and his ilk. GA will always want London to hand out more concessions -- and to keep bombs out of GB they will probably continue to oblige him/SF/PIRA.

    We can envisage a power-sharing administration with as much substance as the Emperor's new clothes . . . .
  9. This term "Communities" first appeared a few years ago, is it a tactit acceptence that the UK people has become fractured? Perhaps Diversity is in fact diversive, and leads to division?

  10. Absolutely. They even have "Communities" Ministers now.


    (It's my belief, incidentally, that "diversity" is NuLabSocSpeak for "homogenous uniformity". In short, nobody should disagree with the concept, nobody should say anything to disparage it, and certainly nobody should think that it is anything but Correct.)
  11. And it is certainly the sort of education that Whiskybreath and others here display in being able to compare NuLab with writers such as Orwell that the gubmint is trying to supress with the all-round dumbification of our people. They have perverted the concept that "thou shall have no God but me" into "I am the Godhead".
  12. " I see no strong, capable personalities in Parliament "

    Could not agree more.
    No Man of Iron, No Outstanding Man of Morals and No Natural Born Leader.
  13. Surely if this is the true Peter Hain, then he should be demonstrating against himself. He should wake up in the morning and chant outside his own bedrom windows before getting dresed, remembering to put his "Peter Hain Out!" badge in his lapel. Before getting into his staff-car he should liberally throw red paint acros the bonnet.

    Arriving at work, he should take the placard from inside his car-boot and picket his own office. He should then run a gauntlet of himself before attending a banquet, which he would of course picket as well. He would then drive slowly through an angry crowd of himself, demonstrating violently before going to bed. He would of course keep himself aslep by chanting slogans against himself.

    Or he might be a hypocrite?
  14. I suspect, in fact, that would keep himself awake by violent lovemaking. With himself, of course.
  15. This awful man is without any doubt the very worst creature in a reasonably catholic soup of 'things' masquerading as our government.

    The 'robbery' thing I think is connected with Hain's reportedly 'strange' behaviour outside a bank in Putney where he had the gall, the affrontery, and some daft b*stards had the lunacy to adopt him as a parliamentary candidate - not sure which party he was in at the time - he's been around a bit!

    He is ghastly and as I have said in at least half a dozen posts - what are the good people of Neath doing by electing him?

    Come on you gals and guys - Blaenau Gwent got rid of Bliar's little girl, why don't you get rid of this self promoting piece of dog dirt? He wouldn't even speak to any of you if he had a seat somewhere else - he is the most DREADFUL MP in Westminster -worse than Hewitt, worse than Harman, worse even than Bliar and on a par with the frantic Blown!

    As a Putney dwelling Welshman I can barely cover my shame that this man represents a constituent part of Wales.