Peter Hain Resigns!!!!


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You could be a bit more sensitive. Won't someone think of all the sun-bed repair men and Cuprinol salesmen that are now contemplating the noose?
Corrupt to the core...

Bad egg and glad he is gone... to clear his name, or should that be to spare the Govt any embarrassment when he is found guilty as charged...

Take him down.
Themanwho said:

Apparently the old bill are after him, and he's fallen on his sword at long last

Or was he pushed?
The Bill are about to start crawling up Red Ken's arrse too.

Remember how Labour hounded the Tories about sleaze...??

These qunts make the Tories look like saints...
Now that he only has his standard MPs salary to live off of, he'll doubtless have to find some outside interest to make up the difference. Can't have someone of his stature living in mere opulence, can we?

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