Peter Hain - an honest man??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Outstanding, Jan 21, 2008.

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  1. What do you do with people like this?

    If he was a soldier who forgot that he had to pay a bill or that the money in his bank account was not his I suspect that he would be in alot more trouble than he is; and that he would ahve ben dealt with a lot more expeditiously.

    the man has no honour.

    A south african welshman?

    why are politicians alyways being let off?
  2. He is a politician?

    Because it is their mates who have to take the decision whether to let them off or not? C.f. MPs voting on their own pay rise versus Jacqui Smith blocking the police's.
  3. But it is soooo frustrating!!
  4. He's either dishonest or incompentent. Either way he is not fit to be a Cabinet Minister.
  5. He's as honest as the Pope is Jewish.
  6. Hypocrite he is.

    He was done in the early 70s for disrupting a Sprinboks game by spreading nails and glass on the pitch. Urban Terrorism. Prominent member of anti-apartheid movement.
    Then goes as NI Minister to deal with terrorists.
    Takes one to know one.
  7. One of his colleagues went on record to decribe Peter Hain as being "as honest as the day is long"

    This in turn promoted the reporter recording the remark to ponder on our 'Summer' time and 'Winter' time versions of 'daylight'. Ergo when the sun goes down at 17.45hrs ish at this time of the year in UK, this specimen is allowed to revert to form and be a lying, devious person.

    Someone should pass the mess Webley to him.
  8. Re the thread title: did you know you've missed out the "is not", there?

    Or possibly the "versus".
  9. The current regime does not care about accountability, honour, integrity or proper behaviour, merely about feathering its own nest. If only I could be certain that the Tories would be any better.
  10. With his current level of incompetance he'd probably miss :roll:
  11. I think you're right, thats why the tradition of one round should be broken. He should be given six rounds and a laser sight.
  12. I'd willingly act as a second and deliver a coup de grace if needed
  13. Better yet, a blindfold and a last cigarette.
  14. Hain is involved in other murkey stuff, as yet not picked up by the mainstream media.

    Nice work if you can get it.

    Labour Leader's Wife in UK Contacts Scandal

    THERESE Rein, the wife of Australian Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, has denied her job placement empire is ripping off staff in Britain.

    WorkDirections UK, which is part of Therese Rein's Ingeus empire, has won six contracts worth £85 million to run programs helping unemployed disabled people back into the workforce.

    But British unions fear that public servants will lose out because WorkDirections UK won't guarantee the same pay, pension and holiday entitlements when their jobs are transferred as a result of the outsourcing.

    Ingeus said it had been delivering services in the UK for five years.

    "WorkDirections UK pays well above industry standard salaries and benefits for staff including double matched pensions," Ingeus said.

    "The Ingeus group of companies, incorporating WorkDirections UK, has been in business for 18 years and delivering services in the UK for five years.

    "Over that time, it has demonstrated a deep commitment to ensuring the salaries and entitlements of staff are met fully.

    "The policy of the board and of the Ingeus Group has always been that staff should receive pay and conditions that are either in accordance with or over the industry standard."

    News of the contracts comes four months after Ms Rein announced she would sell the Australian arm of WorkDirections amid claims it underpaid staff on common law contacts.

    Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) spokesman Alex Flynn said concerns about WorkDirections UK and the controversy surrounding its Australian operations would be raised tonight at a meeting with Work and Pensions Secretary Peter Hain at the British Labour party's conference in Bournemouth, in southern England.

    "If that's the track record they have in Australia, it's worrying for the contracts they have in the UK," Mr Flynn said.

    "The fear is that wages will be suppressed and pensions will be eroded and you'll then see an exodus of skilled and experienced staff because the terms and conditions won't be attractive.

    "There's a second tranche of (16) contracts that will come up for grabs, so our aim is to halt that."

    Mr Flynn said there were also concerns that WorkDirections UK might not recognise trade unions once it takes over the welfare-to-work contracts.

    "That's a bit of a grey area," he said.

    "But given that she is the wife of the Labor Leader, you would hope that she would recognise trade unions."

    A total of 15 contracts were originally put out to tender by the British Government.

    After being awarded six, WorkDirections UK will take over welfare-to-work services offered in London, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Nottinghamshire.

    WorkDirections UK's sister organisation in Australia admitted earlier this year to having underpaid 107 staff - some by as much as $4000 - after shifting them from awards to common law contracts.
  15. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Hain is a devious dishonest peice of s*** who appears to have got away with the non-declaration of contributations to the tune of 100,000 quid.

    He won't resign,and Brown won't sack him.

    A thread on this slimeball last week on ARRSE reported his conviction for criminal conspiricy and the fact he was up for armed robbery in the seventies.

    He was a left wing extremist at that time,probably involved with terrorists and supporting communism.

    A fine upstanding Secertary of State.