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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by StevieW, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. Stevie, There is no excuse for your pay not being sorted in the ten months you have said, its not JPA but the bods using/learning the system that is at fault :oops:

    The problem you have now is that Glasgow is on a mass move around period and cannot be contacted until 14 Jan 08 unless for major problems.... you may have a case. I suggest speaking to your Pl/Tp Comd and get him to get the ball rolling on your behalf asap and if you want it before Xmas it must be sorted before 1700hrs on the 14 Dec 07.

    As to your overdraft charges, you have not lost money you have not received more money owed to you so in reality it is your fault for the charges..sorry :oops:
  2. Stevie nothing to stop you raising an I Support via JPA. They will have 10 days to respond however at least you will know:

    a. Something has been done to raise the issue.

    b. You will get an answer.

    For info you say 10 months ago if your promotion date was prior to 01 Apr 07 this may be the problem.

    Remember if raising an I Support the title should start No, Rank, Name and then a description of the problem.

    Good luck.

  3. its true
  4. Sounds like you need to get them to send an JPA E021
    Authorisation for Change to Main Trade for Pay ?? If you were TA it's a simple change for your career manager in a field but methinks for regulars it needs to be done at a higher level (ie SVPA)

    However, having spoken to a guru recently there's been a bit of a fight over these since SVPA said it wasn't their job to action these and they haven't been bothering, but now it's sorted (guess what? It is your job!) and they've got a big stack to work through.
  5. At least you are being paid!!!

    I transferred my service to the TA last April and have still not received a penny!!! A cheque has been in the post to me for 2 weeks now, however £1900 for 7 months back-pay in the post is no use until it gets to my bank account.

    And a final insult from JPA was a sprog regimental number of 300*****, after 13 years with my old number!!! But rant is for another day.
  6. ^ Sounds like someone fooked up somewhere, no reason why you can't keep your old number from my understanding of it..
  7. Well, in theory if your staff submit the relevant form (providing I'm not wrong about what needs to be done) they should action it in errr lets say a month or two for good measure? :|

    If someone can confirm that the E21 is the right thing to do, you can at least march into the RAO and tell them that's what needs to be done and you want to see them do it (you can get the form yourself if need be from here: - intranet only)
  8. NO, my old commissioned number was 54****, and now I have a brand new sproggs number whicj is 300*****

    YES, next year sounds about right. I'm no stranger to pay fookups, it took two years to sort out my promotion pay, paid as 2Lt, 1995-1998, but should have been paid as a Lt 1996-1998, two years back pay amounted (after tax etc) to £1849.01, so in the end a fookup ended up as a savings policy!!!
  9. E21 is the correct form - believe they are now being actioned after all the politics mentioned above.

  11. Oh the magic of JPA....... :crash: