Peter Dow's at it again

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Kit_Monkey, Dec 30, 2010.

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  1. Wheres Jarrod when you need him?
  2. Old news surely? :?
  3. Dunno, i saw it in todays record, only picked on the name as i remember he got a flaming on here once before
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  4. I'm sure some of the "lovely lady" drivers from PRB would love to meet you.

    with a fisting
  5. What's it got to do with me? Looks more like a relative of Whet's
  6. I agree Jarrod ............ delusions of grandeur and worth far above a low station in life and in effect a laughing stock.
  7. I thought you might be up for it, but now he has clearly said he wants an army woman, where Legs when you need him?

    If you read the link he is very much like Whet, the scrounging cunt is on benefits.
  8. errr, very clearly he's not my type.
  9. Even though everything he writes is eye-bleedingly awful, I scanned through a page of his and what he wrote did raise a bit of a chuckle, as he freely admits that he was once committed to the looney bin:

    Arrogant and tyrannical judges

    So, tight handcuffs are now torture, Peter?
  10. I thought he wasn't quite finished with his transformation? :? Might spoil the surprise. ;-) Alternatively you might send Dow on holiday to Thailand...

    Lady Boy.jpg
  11. Liar.

    Read it more carefully and tell the truth about what I said.

    Arrogant and tyrannical judges

    I was never committed to a psychiatric ward, but sent on remand to a prison and they sent the shrink to see me there because I refused to go to the hospital. She recommended I be sectioned but my guilty plea saved the judge's face and I was released.

    These rigid handcuffs -


    can be used to torture, yes. The leverage of the rigid bar means the wrist brace can bite into the wrist causing severe traumatic and permanent injury, as I know.

    Police sadistic torturers

    For allowing these handcuffs to be used as UK police standard issue equipment the monarch deserves assassination in my opinion.

    If you army people were patriots instead of royalist lackeys you would rid us of this bitch Queen and her torturers.
  12. My Bold:
    I would suppose the leverage is rather necessary when dealing with someone who is aggressively resisting arrest.

    I know you prefer these but I doubt many others do. [​IMG]
  13. Deserves a beer in my opinion. I should point out youre not shy when it comes to accepting benefits paid by the state she rules.

    Strange isnt it that so few people agree with you? Surely you would have been voted into power by now? Unless even the Jocks think you are a wibbling loon.