Peter bloody Tatchell

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tango, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. Peter Tatchell is on Sky News stating that the Royal Family should be gotten rid of after the next generation (Prince Charles), reasons for this include:

    It more or less precludes anyone who is not from the Royal Family from being the head of state.
    It means that it is highly unlikely that anyone who is black or Asian from becoming head of state.
    It means that it is unlikely that a Gay/Lesbian/Transgender person will not become head of state.

    He also went on to say that prominent artists/scientists or other "intellectuals" would make better heads of state. He named the creator of the Internet (Tim Berners-Lee) as a possible candidate. I personally would not like Tracy Emin or Damien Hirst becoming a figurehead for this country.

    I'm not one for the outrage bus (much), but surely he's talking complete dribble?
  2. The blokes a prick, always has been, always will be, made me laugh when he stood for election in the 80s and someone wrote 'TATCHELL IS A COMMUNIST POOF' in letters 10' high on a bridge in his constituency, and I glanced through his 'Toward A democratic defence' whilst at Uni, WORST DEFENCE POLICY EVER! fcuk me the bloke really is a clueless tw@t of the first order...except when he tried to arrest Mugabe, fair play to him there...
  3. Im disgusted at Sky paying this individual - it is obvious he would wish to replace the monarchy with someone of his choosing. In a reasoned debate why do they go and get a total communist gay loving tw&t like him to field one side of the argument. You can tell how much he knows about debate by his actions promoting his disgusting brand of homosexuality.

    Tatchell believes in Democracy as much as Turkeys enjoy christmas, he is a total and utter C&nt and come the revolution would be one of the first 20 against the wall after Bliar, Brown, Mandelson etc.
  4. So there's no chance a future monarch being gay? Does the royal family have a non gay gene or something?
  5. Well, certain of their ancestors were woofters apparently...
  6. Sven you too are a c*nt, a gay monarch would effectively end the succession of the Monarchy.
  7. Thatchell is a political Jim SHort, Who eould show his Arrse in woolys window if it got him press space. poof wonker class 1
  8. no it wouldn't....

    Victoria wasn't the daughter of William IV was she?
  9. No, I did class the three events from pretty much impossible, to highly unlikely to unlikely. Whilst it is possible that there will be a gay/lesbian head of state, it is more unlikely, according to Tatchell, due to the unelected nature of the Monarchy.
  10. Peter Tatchell was born in Australia. A place which, I am informed by various friends who bat for the other side and who've been there, is considerably more intolerent of gay people than this country. I suggest that Mr Tatchel remove himself from these shores and devote his energies to promoting a more positive image of homosexuals in Australia instead of meddling with institutions that we've had in place for centuries.

    I'm sure that that would be better for all concerned.
  11. but why? If anything I'd say its posisbly more likely...considering remaining predujice perhaps people would be less inclined to vote for a gay person to be head of state wheras if a gay prince inherits the crown then there is not much that can be done....

    Perhaps a gay king would feel pressured into keeping his sexuality quiet...but who knows,

    and who cares if we have a gay king/queen?

  12. No one said that you c0ck Sven. Tatchell seems to think that sticking to the present system means that no one gay/lesbian/transgendered/transexual etc etc etc could be Head of State. Obviously he hasn't considered that a future heir to the Throne just could be. But then who apart from self obsessed ranting gay lobbyists gives a sh1t anyway?

    The man is a self publicising, bigotted mong of the first order!!!
  13. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    No it wouldn't. It would just pass on to the next in line after the "Gay Monarch" (and I'm guessing that either way, they'd be called a Queen :D ) expired. The line of succession doesn't hit a dead end if there aren't any offspring. Unless of course you're from one of those family trees that doesn't have too many branches!
  14. Can you imagine the Chavs choice, Pete D and Whinehouse for King and Queen.... with Princess Peaches in reserve
  15. Read my post again.

    Do I, anywhere, say that I am referring my post to the thread contributers and not to Tatchell. Think - one person (as indeed you said) mentioned IN HIS RADIO INTERVIEW that there was no chance of gays etc getting to be monarch, several posters did not.

    So, who was my post aimed at?