Peter Archer Print Identification?

Just come into posession of a Peter Archer print which the person who gave it to me thought might be of the Falkland Islands but I doubt it and think it might be Balkans.

The print depicts a snow covered hilly terrain with a Royal Signals soldier in the foreground on a manpack radio, a couple of relay bods erecting a PU 12, a few other small dets and in the background a large commercial comms tower covered in sat dishes. The soldiers are all carrying what look like SA 80's. Can anyone ID this for me please?
Don't you think it might be just a tiny little bit easier if you put a picture of the thing?

Scan it, photograph it, find a verison on Google image, something.

Either that or I am going to guess, Gornji Vakuf 1996 April 7 Sigs.

Thanks for the help, with your assistance I have now been able to identify it as Bosnia, Op Resolute. Thanks again
It' 1 (UK) ARMD DIV HQ & SIG REGT on Op RESOLUTE at the back end of 1996.
This hill top site was called 'TV Towers' by us but the map called it 'Palienic' or something like that.
The Det in the foreground is a RR the one behind it is an SCRA Central. The big tent on the right was put up for our guys to live in
when the local police who shared the building in the background 'accidentally' burnt it down during a party.

Takes me back a bit that one.


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