Pete Doherty - Total CNUT!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cynical-Subbie, Aug 8, 2005.

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  1. What the fcuk is it with this piece of sh!t?

    "He is so amazing"

    "What a talent"

    More like "What a total and utter CNUT"

    I mean it- I fcuking hate him.

    The papers are always on about this great babyshambles singer- he has released two records for fcuks sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He is a total useless mess that is famous for being smacked up and shagging Kate Moss.


    Sorry, just had to get it off my chest and see if other arrsers agree.
  2. I've never heard his music but have a mate who was keen on the Libertines and seems even keener on Babyshambles.........and hasn't kate moss seen the light and ditched him now anyway? I have no idea what she saw in him - she is stunningly pretty and he is, er, NOT
  3. No- he is just a C N U T!!!!!!
  4. Kate Moss is a dog and I wouldn't touch her with MDN's allegedly moist bit of scrag end.

    Have to agree with C-S here, he is a waste of a skin.
  5. No he's a pad brat cnut who blames daddy for not loving him enough, i've met other members of his family (god his sister is fit) and they seem fine. He's an incredibally talented indivdual who has decided to waste it and throw it away by being a smack addict.

    And i think you'll find that he's released more than 2 records, he released 2 amazing albums with the libertines before he started to wash his life down the sh1tter and got booted out before forming Babyshambles.
  6. He's a mixed up complicated genius, who is tortured by inner demon's and a cruel drug addiction.

    We lesser mortals shouldn't feel that we have a right to criticise such greatness. No, we should just keep paying for his drugs, drink and pampered lifstyle and count ourselves blessed that such brilliance walks amongst us.
  7. So, you agree he is a cnut then!
  8. Very insightful Bull, but there is no getting away from the fact that the bloke it a total waste of perfectly good air!
  9. The babyshambles have only released two singles I think. Not talking about Libertines stuff- but they got bored of calling him "the ex-Libertines singer" and changed it to "Babyshambles star"

    Shambles- bloody right too. Cnut!
  10. yes but he's a very talented and only became a waste of air after success got the better of him.
  11. Should that not read 'was'? was a very talented artist?

    But even that is debatable!
  12. At what point does being talented and not utilising it become being a cnut?
  13. Do you realise how hard it is to be a rock star? To have to wake up at 3 in the afternoon and make important decisions such as what T-Shirt to wear, what to do with the groupie in his bed and then nhe has to get to his gig to be onstage exactly 27 minutes late
  14. Got into a cab a few weeks ago and the cabbie starts showing me and my oppo a photo on his phone of that fcukwit and Kate Moss.

    She looked like she needed a decent meal,

    He looked like what he is:

    A p1ss smelling skag head
  15. No he still has talent just doesnt use it. Which in response to Cynical-subbie's question it's when you've had it, shown that you have it then decide to make a public display of yourself p1ssing it up the wall and wasting it.