Pete Doherty arrested again!!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CH512O, May 7, 2007.

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  1. Its not something i would usually comment on but this idiot really grips my sh1t! How many times is he going to be arrested for "possesion of a Class A drug" and be let off. Apparently the Judge at his last hearing commented on how Doherty was "more than co-operating" in attending drug rehab courses etc.
    Well, you honour, i take it he had a bad day then....again!!
    I suppose he will get away with it, as some hot shot lawyer, hired by his grubby looking girlfriend, will get him off it again!!

    And i stand by my comment of grubby girlfriend, lol, watched a TV program on the lines of Neighbours From Hell, and she rented some cottage gaff out from some couple and when handing it over, it looked like a pigsty!
  2. Why cant they just lock him up.. on principal for being a complete waste of space!! Let alone his drug abuse! really winds me up!
  3. Not to mention his "music".
  4. It is sick when you hear OAPs, who cannot pay their council tax, are arrested and put into Prison for first offence.
  5. i'd pay to club him like a baby seal.
  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Does this motherfcuker even deserve another thread?
  7. True, but you never know, his old man might read it and knock some sense into him!!
  8. Ahhh Pete Doherty...a promising and talented young drug addict cruelly snatched away from us by his need to write disappointing pop songs

  9. No no no no....... lets be honest, he really is a total waste of oxygen, as IMHO are all druggies.... far from locking him up, to be honest I'd let him out, and let him get on with it.... This country just doesn’t have the right penalties for druggies or their dealers... Unlike for instance Singapore or most of the Asian countries for that matter.

    He'd soon be running to his dealers for the next hit, and with any luck the final 'Buzz' wouldn’t be long coming as he OD's on the finest powder money can buy.... Problem solved. As a bonus we could even track the twat to the dealers and get them too....

    Ok ok... as a goodwill gesture to the 'Lock em up Brigade' give 'Bubba' some variety in jail and mainly to just get 'Pete' really in the mood for some powder comfort, I would lock him up just long enough for 'Bubba' to have some back door fun.....
  10. Why are you surprised? You should have realised by now that the priority on crime is always 1) Not paying the Government money 2)Not paying friends of the government money 3)Breaking something that will cost the Government money 4)anything else.

    You can batter some little old lady half to death and steal her pension and get 250 hours "community service" but owe the Government a couple of quid and you will be banged up in chokey so fast.
  11. What scum... In fact, he's such a cnut, scum is suing for defamation of character...
    Oxygen thief
  12. Jail the c*nt.

    However I feel sorry for his dad, a Signals colonel.

    Apparently he disowned Pete when he first started dabbling.
  13. I wish somebody would just slot the cunt and be done with it.
  14. Cant we just send him and all the rest of the druggie CNUTS out to Iraq and Afghan for IED detection. Give them a fix then get them to to walk in an extended line about 600m in front of a patrol. Save money on feeding them if they do get a prison sentence and rid the UK of Scum.
  15. for gawds sake it really is time they put him away and threw the keys down the drain !