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Pete Docherty - Another pointless stab at rehab?????

OK, anyone with half a brain knows drugs are for mugs, and addiction is hard to overcome, but this guy is getting right on my tits. It almost makes me wish he would just OD so that i dont have to hear about another fecking attempt at cleaning up or some stunt he's pulled under the influence.

Harsh :?:
I saw him being interviewed on Johnathan Ross the other week, he spent the best part of 20mins blowing sunshine up his puckered little junkie ass.hole, by the end of it i almost felt sorry for him until the camera focused on his wang eyes confirming he is a tw@t....... still managed to bed a "supermodel" though :?
Some how I don't think he will last long, he will drift in and out of the press before they get bored of him and then one of his "friends" will get him OD and his agent will make a shed full of cash on the dead star band wagon.
In short he is a Tw@t of the highest order!

Oh, I would have my wicked way with Kate Moss but only after she goes on a diet of pie's for a month and gets a clean bill of health from the GUM clinic.
I would say kill him and use his organs for someone who appreciates life, but they would probably end up stoned and addicted to whatever sh1t he takes.

In short he is a waste of organs, and should be put in a lab where the effects of drugs can be monitored for the good of the rest of the human species.
chocolate_frog said:
In short he is a waste of organs, and should be put in a lab where the effects of drugs can be monitored for the good of the rest of the human species.
A pointless exercise I'm afraid. Any information on how drugs affect the human body would be completely nulled by the medical marvel that is Keith Richards.
I feel sorry for his dad. He was my 2I/C at 16 Sigs a few years back and Santa Sunday said he saw Pete Snr fairly recently and he'd aged quite a lot. The little cnut appears to be not just hurting himself...
How about "I am a crack addicted "celebrity", get me out of here".

20 druggy z list celebs, on an island, with no drugs. Once a week, or just in time to prevent them dieing, they get to take part in "bush tucker challengers" where they will earn an assortment of drugs for their team. The winning team get a fist full of drugs, the losers face a long night of sweats.

The ante is upped when the teams realise there is just enough drugs for all but one of the islanders. resulting in a entertaining reduction in island population with out the annoying pandering to the audience and annoying phone ins.

Every so often the challenge can be a googley when viagra, smarties and flour replace the usual drugs smorgas bord won on the drugs tucke challenge. Obviously munchies and water will be provided.
He always looks so pleased with himself when to-ing and fro-ing from court! In fact, he makes me want to smack him... and not in a pleasant way either.
RAID said:
he is a little cnut. how he found Kate moss is beyond me.
that little beauty would get my plums on her chin.
I assume that by 'plums' you meant fists?

Because, you can't have meant that you'd want to slip her a portion. She is ruff. She is, and I don't say this lightly, on par with Paris Hilton. How these people ever came to be 'celebrities' is beyond me. She needs a few good meals down her, and then she needs to hang herself with one of her Gucci belts for acting like that when she's got a kid. In fact, Paris Hilton can do the same, just for having that little dog, the lazy eyed non-entity.

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