PETA Scum Kill Animals

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Devilishdave, Sep 21, 2005.

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  1. Don't trust PETA you mean. They do kill animals
  2. This is one of the most b0ll0cks sites I've seen! I don't hold a view - don't know enough about it - but there is no substantial evidence or even specific allegation here... there is nothing to say that the animals "killed" weren't all put down by a vet due to ill health!

    The comment about animal activists not needing a freezer because they don't eat meat / dairy is equally b0ll0cks - how much of the food in your freezer is ice cream and sausages?

    If they've got a case for declaring "PETA are evil" then they're doing a crap job at delivering it.

    Rant over.
  3. Sorry - but what do you have in your sausages? Varies between pork, beef, badger and speciality in mine but virtually all meat. (get your point tho'.)
  4. That is the entire point, PETA protests outside of other animal shelters because they kill the animals that cannot be adopted or are sick/injured.
  5. Your log on is Badger lady, you hint at being a vegitarian and you claim not have an opinion about animal rights then you go off on one!! Come on who are you trying to kid??


    These are the same people that claim to be animal lovers that try to slash the tendons of hounds!!
  6. PETA is misguided and evil. That's the point.

    Pam Anderson isn't a bad looking spokesperson though
  7. RC you need glasses me dears. That gerbil of yours is givingyou hallucinations :)
  8. It wouldn't be too surprising though -don't forget that the Leageue Against Cruel Sports ran probably the most unhealthy deer population in the country on their "sanctuary". The number of animals dying of overcrowding related problems such as disease, fights and parasite infestation (worms) was actually higher than in a properly managed or hunted herd.
  9. [off-topic]

    Which nicely highlights the fact that pinko lefty city-dwelling do-gooders should not be permitted to influence the activities of those who live in the country. The pinkos clearly haven't actually got a clue as to what goes on, have no sense of proportionality, and are simply not qualified to pass judgement on matters relating solely to the countryside.

  10. What's a gerbil?

    Are you saying Pam Anderson isn't real?