Peta - Page 3 Chick

Nice tits - crap comic!

(Won't be long before the kuntz are slagging us of in the headlines; MOD/HM Forces INVOLVED IN ASSAULT. Body of text reads; A man who once had a interview for the Officer Training Corps was witness to someone possibly getting hit.)
Just assuming that is the All Arms Course it is interesting that there is a chap from The Rifles in the last slide.
I assume the photo title:

"Nailed it ... Peta Todd at 13,000 ft"

Is the blokes comments after jumping tandom with it?
Typical bird... No more than 10 metres infront of the jack wagon on a tab!
No.30 on the log seems to have a suspiciously large smile. He can't be putting the effort in. Fail.
If the para attached to her didnt have a hardon he must be gayer than a bunch of gays on a gay parade proclaiming their gaylove for gay paras who dont have hardons whilst attached to Page 3 birds.

The jammy jammy tw4t.
Phew. I thought this was going to be a thread about this week's young poultry pin-up in the house magazine of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
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