PETA and bearskins

Sorry if this has been posted before (could not get internal search engine to work)

Just want to express my utter outrage

Why not make bear skin hats out of Peta members. It's not like the bears are killed specifically for making bearskins. My understanding was that the bears are culled ayway and the skins are simply a bi-product of what happens to them anyhow.

As for changing the shape................any of the Guards out there up for that?????
What planet are these people on? I know the current government want to rid the country of all of its traditions but some things are worth saving! Don't they realise that the bearskin was fought for in the first place and many men died for the right to wear it? Many of the bearskins you see on parade today are 40 or 50 years old, lasting much longer than any synthetic material. Thankfully there will be a new government in before this ridiculous suggestion gets off the ground. Pass me another nail to drive into the Labour Party coffin. I suspect Her Majesty may have a few words in her PM's ear! :x :x :x
Do they just not realise that we don't slaughter bears for bearskins, rather that the bearskins are a by-product of an annual cull?

They'd be better served devoting their campaigns to something more worthwhile, like dancing bears or battery hens.
at what stage does HRH The Queen take a nice ride down to Number 10, unannounced, stroll straight in and give brown and his twits a good old hiding with her jewel encrusted scepture. Or isn't it HM Forces these days. Go on Lizzie put some faith back into the people who swear their allegiance to you and earn your money!!!
Radio 4 featured a 08.30 interview with the lady Gp. Captain ( won't mention her name) responsible for the purchase of the skins for Guards use. This lady, I believe is due to meet the PETA representative.

BBC interviewer style was of the - " How do you feel about these bears being culled to make the hats?" In my judgement the good lady Gp. Capt. was lost despite all the appropriate buzz environmental words being scattered around her responses. In fact I had the impression from her interview that she couldn't give much of a toss really in defending bearskin use. Another tick in the box for the new 'environmentally aware MOD'
Was going to post about this myself. What the blue blazes is a female Crab doing talking about bearskins?

I know it can be my hobby horse, but does the huge number of relatively senior Crabs in staff jobs completely unrelated to going up-tiddly-up suggest that perhaps thye might be a little over-Officered & need to find somewhere to put them out to grass!
Gp Capt Sarah Grey (no PERSEC issue - it was on the Toady programme) truly made my blood boil this morning.

As well as referring to the bearskins as 'some kind of war trophy' and 'something to do with Waterloo' she persistently made reference to the policy that the MOD 'would like to use another material if they can'!

Probably one reason that they would like to is they're over £600 a pop and one made of old feather dusters and Amy Winehouse would come in cheaper.

0 marks for fielding a spokesman that

a. knew nothing about her subject
b. has no understanding or respect for tradition
c. was a crab (see b.)
d. seems to be actively campaigning from within the MOD to do the animal rights job for them.

And she's a Gp Capt! That's full Col equivalent for chrissakes!


Book Reviewer
MOD were obviously hoping that by giving the impression that the military doesn't care about its history, it would become even more acceptable that neither should anyone else.

Even I, an RAF Brat, thought she sounded dull and ill-informed. Suggest everyone writes to pm to complain. That Eddie Mair likes to cause trouble!
I can't understand why the MOD doesn't tell the Poorly Educated Teen Activists to f#ck off and to shove their suggestions up their arrse while they're doing that.

PETA is a sinister organisation which should be shunned

but then again the lunatics are taking over the asylum in so many other areas...
God, these PETA types get borng after a while. No matter how many times the fur industry repeats to them that the fur trade is one of the most recycled industries to exist.

Most furriers, remodel and reuse pelts from older coats. Pelts, if taken care of properly, can last for decades if not a century or two. I've seen trader's and trapper's stamps on pelts that are 50-80 years old. Those pelts in turn being used in coats/hats made today. Very few new pelts are being trapped as the days of 300 mile traplines are over. The money is recovering pelts from disgarded coats/hats etc. There are huge trade fairs just to deal with used pelts. Furs, like jewels tend to retain their value and can be bought and sold for a pretty penny. It is far more lucrative to deal in used pelts than financing a trapline with a limited amount of yield.

Most new pelts especially bears, are from creatures that had to be killed because they became too familar with humans. Yes, that's right folks, those cute bears at the campsites and along the highways that you just had to stop and feed get a death sentence if they get too use to humans. They become a hazard to humans, livestock and property as they show no fear in hunting for berries in a backyard or campsite. The Parks people do give them a chance, they'll use an airhorn, spray and warning shots, if the bears doesn't scatter then it's deemed to have become too used to humans and is slated to be put down. Don't see PETA out at the campsites protesting the humans that are feeding the bears do we?

Hides from the annual deer, moose, elk and caribou hunts are traded in for a hat to the Provincial Ministries of Natural Resources (called the Hides for Hats Program) and sold off to pay for public education programs on wildlife protection and conservation.

The vandals who insist on throwing paint on people wearing furs fail to realize that the owners of such furs have the item insured, and if damaged, will in all likelihood just go out and replace it. So why not just leave them be, so that there is no need to use more pelts for another coat and the ones they just spoiled being prevented from being recycled? PETA can't do the math on that one.
Plus that non-comedian w*nker gervais has jumped on the bandwagon as well...another fcukin non-entity who 'thinks' he knows better and we should listen to him...CNUT!!! :lol:
Simple solution:

Have the 5 regiments form an old Waterloo style square, front rank kneeling etc, in full kit inc Bearskins.

Give the order to Fix Bayonets

Tell PETA and Gervais "You want the bearskins removed? Go Get 'em" I think it only fair that for every bearskin they get, M.O.D give another one to them (sort of BOGOF thing) and for every one of them that the Guards kill, they have to have one of their own eat a burger etc.

Sell tickets with proceeds to a number of military charities.

Sergeant Bear of the Scots Guards on the left there can be mascot.
One of the mottoes of PETA is 'Animals are not ours to eat.'

Have they got anything to do with PAYD and ORP then?

I think MOD have some explaining to do!
That is one hairy beaver, and if im honest, I think a real beaver would be less hairy.

Why are naturists so friggin scary? never a fit one is there?
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