Pet Ops

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Pownall, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. Hi, i'm looking to join the forces and i read a number of people recommending 'pet ops', i was was wondering what that is short for?

    Thanks, Pownall.
  2. Ok I will go for the wahhhh Petroleum Operator mate
  3. Thanks, i should have realised.
  4. Well you learn something every day! All these years I thought it stood for Perverted Operator!

    In your case MS it does!
  5. You know me too well Moon :twisted:
  6. And that, MS, was your first test to becoming a ACIO!!!
  7. Sneaky very very sneaky DID I PASS??
  8. No you didnt, as you should of picked up on the initial statement

    "...a number of people recommending "pet ops"...."

    We all know that is a lie as no one recommends our trade!!! :wink:

    Back to Bobs Brew Stop for you im afraid!!!

    And by the way, your 2i/c just spoke to me on the phone and said

    "...i concur.."!!!! :evil: Nip it in the bud NOW!!!!
  9. Pet Ops? So that isn't dog handling then?
  10. It used to be, but the RSPCA told us to stop it :twisted:
  11. SH*T! when did that happen? Does that mean I'm going to have to revert to manhandling horses?

  12. Its Donkeys dick you fool, not a horse cock!!!!