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Discussion in 'RLC' started by stabandswat, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. Here goes.... I am currently a TA soldier and a recruit. I don't think the reg I am in is for me as I want a trade as such and I have seen the role of Pet Ops. I am probably opening myself up for a whole host of abuse here but would someone kindly tell me what the role is like and if anyone knows what the TA RLC is like. Many thanks in anticipation....
  2. Pet Ops, well if you want the official job description its this..
    The RLC Petroleum Operator controls and administers the Army’s fuel supplies throughout the operational theatre and as such requires the technical personnel to ensure that the fuel is stored correctly and fit for use in the combat vehicles and aircraft. The RLC Petroleum Operator undertakes the receipt, inspection, storage and issue of bulk and packed petroleum products. As a RLC Petroleum Operator you will set up and dismantle flexible tank and pipeline systems, operate the various types of container filling and cleaning apparatus, operate pumps, bulk tanks, bulk transport loading and discharge apparatus, and pipeline fittings and equipment. In addition you will be required to carry out routine maintenance of petroleum equipment and machines. You will operate line and radio communications and understand the various causes, preventative measures and methods of controlling petroleum fires, as well as being required to carry out fire fighting duties.

    You will trained to do all these jobs listed above but obviously not all at the start of your carreer. The thing you ask yourself is "will it help me after i leave the Army?" Well as we deal mainly with temp installations on Ops and Ex then this doesnt relate to civilian installations at all. But i hope to go into Pollution and Environmental matters when i leave. And forget what people say about being a petrol pump attendant. Ive never filled another soldiers veh in my 16yr carreer and never run a petrol station either. Well ive run one for helicopters but thats a little different!!
  3. By way take no notice of the RLC website listing the stuff about PetOp....most of it is incorrect!
    We dont run accounts although we can if we had to.
    10 Regt is in Aldershot.
    8 Regt is in Catterick but 64 Fuel Sqn, which is part of 8, is in Gutersloh in Germany!
    "Qualifications: The experience and training gained in the trade is recognised by the petroleum industry" mmmm! dont expect to walk into a job at Esso!
    "Promotion: Prospects for soldiers successfully completing training are excellent. Those that successfully complete Phase 2 Training are guaranteed promotion to Lance Corporal on arrival at their first Unit. Rapid progression through the ranks is common and there is every possibility for an experienced Ammunition Technician to gain a commission." If your a Ammo Tech that is!!
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    Doh thought this was about know, cats, dogs kinda thing.....

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  5. Cheers for the heads up C5H120 that is very much appreciated.
  6. My first posting was to a Fuel Sp Sqn as a Fuel Tp Comd...driver, not pet op...all I can say is that Pet OPs a a really good bunce. Slightly old school feeling about them and always up for a laugh. The deviousness I had heard about seemed like a mere myth; until i went to one of their leaving bashes - AWESOME!

    Go for it mate...I'll see you there after my Officers Pet Cse (hopefully!
  7. doing the PET OP officers course doesnt make you a PET OP trust me :D
  8. Makes you better..... :)

  9. absolutely :twisted:
  10. Bollox Mit Mayo!
  11. I knew an ex Pet Op who shared his wife with the lads and was into blokes himself - though I can't prove it and wouldn't want to.
  12. Oh please PM me with the initials at least!!!!! As everyone in the trade will vouch, im the master of discretion!!!!!
  13. Clicked on this thread thinking it was about dog handling.

  14. You mean Kennel Maid actually but still the same thing.....looks after the animals in the washroom and gets in as much exercise as she can.
    But it would be interesting to see who you are Mr Augustus!
  15. Does that mean dog whispering is a new teaching point on the class three course then

    "Good girl all the way down"