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Discussion in 'RLC' started by matt_duran, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Wonder if anyone can answer this one for me:

    I'm trying to find out the posting possibilities for Pet Ops in the RLC but searches on 'Fuel Squadron' and 'Fuel Support Squadron' only turn up details about 64 Squadron. Can anyone tell me how many Fuel Squadrons there are and where they are?

    Cheers in advance and all that!
  2. There are 4 Fuel Sqns. 2 in Aldershot, 1 in Gutersloh and 1 in Bielefeld. There are smaller units in Colchester and Chievenor.
    The location of the 2 in Aldershot may (if someone decides to tell the trade officially!) change to Hullavington soon! :roll:
  3. Cheers for that mate. Sounds like the trade is one of the better ones for a posting in the fatherland then? Would you recommend it? Are you undermanned? Can I ask any more bone questions? :p
  4. Would recommed it totally aslong as you have very thick skin and eyes in the back of your head
    As for undermanned it depends on who you talk to

    If you have any A levels then there is a Golden Hello
  5. Would i recommend it? Im a PetOp and i will not say "Yes, its the best trade in the Army and you will leave with loads of quals and walk into a really well paid civvy job."!
    In my opinion its a good trade as we are small in comparison to other RLC trades, so after a few years and your still in (!) you can go between Units knowing a fair few of the lads when you arrive at it. Makes fitting in easier so makes life better, but this doesnt work if you are bit of a stroker!
    Job wise, we get around, tours and the like. Plenty of detachments, more so recently and of course Afghanistan. On Exercises we work harder than most as before we do the "pumping" bit our job we have to build the fuel installation and then at the end we have to dismantle it, and rain and darkness are not excuses to stay in your sleeping bag!
    It may change in the future if people pull their fingers out and you may get good quals for civvy street, but dont think Esso/Shell are going to be waiting at the camp gates when you hand in your ID card!
    Its the peripheral part of our trade that you may find good employment, such as Pollution teams etc, tanker driving or even aircraft refuelling.
    As for undermanned, im posted soon and i know the Unit im going to is overmanned at certain ranks. This may look good on paper for the idiots that say "manning crisis....what manning crisis?"! Loads of Privates dont always make it easy when you hav'nt got enough qualified middle mangement lads.
    Sorry if im not painting a rosey Careers Office picture but better to tell it from my opinion anyway.
    But like i said, its a closeknit trade and if you dont mind hard work and you are easy to get on with then by all means give it a go.

    You may of noticed that i didnt mention Iraq. Our job there is done by civilians, using UK MOD kit, supplying fuel to UK MOD tankers etc. And who are these civilians? Ex PetOps, working for KBR earning £35,000+! Who said you wont walk into a well paid job? will just be hated by all the PetOps thats all! :twisted:
  6. Dunno about 8 & 66 and Hullavington, but the plan for Deutchland is 'Jog on' as normal. Duty rumour was quashed in a big way. Gutted! I'll just have to think of other ways to spend the £13500 LOA every year!
  7. Of which half of it goes into your Teutonic Tank! Personally i dont need that extra money, id prefer to steal fuel from the Deepot (alledgedly!) and drive on bald tyres!
    After all, the 4 wheel drive i have makes up for the lack of tread! :twisted:
    And if i went over to Joormany, i wouldnt get my Tina Turner every weekend would i !!! :D :wink:
  8. are you in nepaldershot yet?
  9. Not until Aug 11th, until then im raping the Deepot of useful things! 8O
  10. You wont get away with spraying a CST Blue and putting a Subaru badge on it mate
    I know the MGS are slow but they aint that slow

  11. Paah! Its not the CST's im after .....its the 2 boats in my shed! I can see them now on Ebay "Buy it now price-£1million each"!!!! 8O