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For all you pet owners out there, specifically dog owners in this instance, what pet insurance do all you guys use for your hounds ie, who with, what cover, how much and what is recommended.

Looked on MoneysavingExpert etc so have some ideas but realise there are some serious dog owners here who will have opinions and advice to offer.

Thanks in advance
I used PetPlan up to 2005 when our mutt passed away - the hound was quite ill for the last 6 months of her life and they kept paying the vet and medicine bills. No complaints and I would use again.
I use Healthy Pets, they're an internet based business so lower costs are reflected in the premiums.

To give you an idea I'm paying £30.00 a month for three Springers ranging in age from three up to nearly seven. years

I've claimed lots of times and they've always paid out with in three weeks of the claim going in.

As rescue coordinator for a springers rescue charity I'm happy to recommend them to any one re homing a dog from us.
Swinton - third party fire and theft


If you have working dogs, make sure you have a read of the latest BASC magazine. They did a review of pet insurance which raised some interesting points about exclusions for working dogs, particularly where the owner receives a form of reward.

Like all insurance - read the policy very carefully. You have a 14 day cooling off period so use it wisely.
I don't bother.

For all the dogs I've had, vet bills have never exceeded the considerable premiums charged.

Whilst this might not always be the case, there is always a reasonable value alternative to expensive treatment.

That whole third party liability thing gets on my t1ts too (having had someone try to claim money for falling off a pavement just because she saw 3 dogs).

After reading the article The _Duke refers to, I am probably even more convinced.
Just got back to this - went with halifax for £190 pe annum with £20 returned via Quidco.

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