Pet Insruance

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by triggerhappy, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. Anybody know of any good pet insurance? 8)
  2. I wish I did. What started out at about £190 nine years ago for 1 cat and 1 dog is now just short of £500 even though I have never claimed. Difficult to change company with animals at this age. The moral dilemma: Should I say s@d it? should I stick the cash aside just in case? or do I just pay up because life wouldn’t be the same without them (well the dog at least)? Naturally option 3 wins every time. I look forward to seeing what others have to say.
  3. I Use JBI International who will also cover you out in Germany not like Pet plan !!..Pet plan will only pay out if you actually live in camp as they class that as UK....
  4. I can give you names of lots of overpriced ones!

    But it is worth having because one of my mutts recently ran up a vets bill of £3k for what was not that serious a problem. Everything costs a packet, worse than private medical care for humans. Do ye know how much a litre of dog blood is?? £150!

    Ours are now insured with Equine & Livestock which seem pretty good for the money:
  5. In the UK M&S have a very good policy for cats and dogs, at a reasonable price. I also use Exotic Direct for our Parrots. Never had to claim from either but the vet is happy with both.

  6. Well, I've just checked a web page for Animal Friends, It's really good. They do a lifetime cover and their excess for my puppy is quite reasonable. There goin to send me some info, i think it's 14.45 a month, interest free! All their net profits go back to animal charity!!!
  7. Tesco! Did my cat a treat. Being a pedigree pussy (no not she's not one of the Household cavalry!) She's worth a few bob. After the policy was accepted she promptly threw up for Englans and was rushed to the expensive vets!
    Not only did Tesco cough up but they give me 1000 points every month - SUCKERS!
  8. The NFU carry pet policies. I have first hand experience of their equine insurance and despite having previously held a rather cynical view of insurance companies have to say the NFU handled my claim extremely professionally and sensitively. At every renewal I always made a point of undertaking a bit of comparative research and could never find a better quote for level of cover offered.
  9. Cool, well, I've looked at most of them, but I did like the fact that Animal Friends give 100% of their net profits to charity brill! So, I think I might go with them!!! Thanks for your help!
  10. MORE THAN pet insurance is good, my daft mutt got ran over and snapped his back leg, £1500 later and all i had to pay was the excess which was 10%.
  11. Well, the excess with Animal Friends is only £49! So, I've got a really good deal then!
  12. "Animal Friends is underwriting agency acting for underwriters Equine & Livestock Insurance Co. Ltd. (referred to as "E & L" or "underwriters")".

    We got the same cover cheaper direct from them
  13. Yeah, I rang E&L when I was looking for this cover, and they provided Animal Friends' number because they dont provide the life time cover! :D
  14. Pet Plan went through a stage of refusing to cover pets in Germany, the family concerned made a fuss and pet plan offered to refund all their Premiums.

    The family then wrote to the sixth sense or weekly echo to inform families in BFG.

    Pet Plan were then inundated with requests for refunds. They did a smart about turn and decided to honour policies that were already in place.

    I left shortly afterwards and do not know if they will carry on insuring pets who move out to Germany.

    Soooo if there is a chance of going overseas and you want a lifetime policy for your pet, make sure you check what the insurers policy on moving abroad is.