Pet Hates.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Monty417, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. Tell what or who, gets up yer hooter most.

    I hate Bull fights and the fcuking spectators.
    It is disgusting to see the bull standing there with fckiing great heavy iron barbs hanging from its muscles, its head drooping from all the lance thrusts from the cnutadors and their poor old nags with intestines hanging out from being gored by the bull. I just love it when the bull suddenly takes the strutting, spangled little popinjay pratador unawares and gores him right up his freakin jacksy.

    It's edited at piss off!
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  2. Bad day in the office huh?
  3. GP's who x-ray lower backs for 'low back pain'
    Mowing the lawn.
    Neat Bacardi.

    ooooh and people from Llangefni!!
  4. Flies and wasps, they're also rubbish pets, a dog is much better.
  5. I can’t stand it when people don’t know the difference between “it’s” and “its”.

    That and bull fighting.
  6. Downgraded fat bastards who keep volunteering me (and the other fit lads) for extra PT/Exercises/Tours/Competitons/Parades etc while they sit on their fat arse getting praise.
  7. My pet hates it when i bray him with a shovel for no apparent reason
  8. Never been in an office vm, oh yeah, 55yrs back. Got a reprimand.
    No old fart ones, please.
  9. People with the union flag upside down...grips me!
  10. Got me there. Bugger!
  11. Oooh this one gets right up my fucking nose, the lazy fat downgraded cunts, apologies to the genuine cases but I have a guy in my section who pulls the fucking wool, lazy cunt. :x
  12. SNAP!! And the ones that wants x-rays of c-spine and both shoulders for "shoulder pain"...

    And the ones that want chest x-rays for the fantastic clinical reasoning of "persistent cough"...

    And...well I could go on all day....

  13. Not all the spectators are on the twaatadors side :)
  14. The pets I love to hate are fecking tortoises!!! Hate 'em, useless little creatures, crap pets!!
  15. especially when they go on to say "smokes 20 per day" 8O doesn't take a genius does it??