Pet hates...

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Track_Link, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. Its not hard to shape a Beret... H&C water, patience and instruction is all it takes!

    Why oh why do so many peeps cut around with Chinook landing pads perched on their heads?!?

    Its my pet hate... It ranks up there with throbbers on the telly saying 'Over and Out!'

    * Rant complete..
  2. Along with calling sergeants 'sarge' (although I've recently found out this can be the case in certain regiments) and pronouncing lieutenant "loo-tennant" when they are talking about English officers.
  3. Not particularly keen on people who wear their berets like they are para's, with the cap badge pulled right round to the's like come on mate, you're in the SPS...
  4. Not so much a pet hate but: I dislike the fact that ACF and CCF officers never need to see the gates of Sandhurst.

    Being a CCF officer myself i sorely feel this loss - and I think it'd teach a great deal more, to go there for 2 weeks as opposed to a week spent a Frimley. Is this just because I'm an ex-cadet and have the fieldcraft basics down?

  5. haha yeh berets not shaped properly are a big pet hate of mine

    brassards not being worn on the outer layer of clothing and also combat trousers tucked into boots
  6. I'm personally no fan of brassards... but 95's in boots.. ARGH!!! Oh and how can we forget...

    Random AI / senior cadet: "when I was in afghanistan with 'THEM' I ...*cough* Hi Sir"
    CTT Sgt. Maj.: *shakes head*

  7. it's not a week. it's 2 weekends.
  8. Oh yeah - Donkey kicking... Not by the young uns.. But by their instructors, guaranteed to make me curse!

    I am become Victor Meldrew.. Whoa is me.
  9. Oh and calling weapons guns... That annoys me too.
  10. Butter in the bloody Marmite jar winds me up no end!
  11. WTF? That would be a thankless and ultimately futile task indeed. Our Jarrod has found his calling in life and will not be converted. :p

  12. My pet hates cats, probably coz she's a bitch.
  13. I hate:

    1. the constant battle between ACF and CCF. For Fcuk sake, isn't it the same organisation?

    2. Old AIs "In my day we used to kick Fcuk out of the cadets when they messed up.

    3. Old AIs " The kids are 15 - 16, we can treat them like junior soldiers.

    4. Old AIs " Kids just go sick for no reason other than to piss me off"

    5. Everybody expecting you to know everything without being told it.

    6. Having to hunt and call the world just to get passed on to someone else who doesnt know the answer.
  14. Slow moving people in the Supermarket.... That does my fcuking bulb in.
  15. Can't stand.

    1. People who took berets in to their belt loops on their trousers.

    2. Pens being clipped onto the rank slide of your Cbt 95 shirt.

    3. Sunday drivers

    4. People who don't use indicators on roundabouts

    5. Politicians

    6. Oh the list is endless