Pet Hates (2)

Fcukwits reinventing the same old stuff again and again.
Hello pot this is kettle, message over....
Has it gone off thread already? Jesus.
Jacob1650 said:
Has it gone off thread already? Jesus.
Looks like it doesn't it? Lets get back to the matter at hand then,

My pet hate is fcuking monging laboon carrying titwanks that try to start threads about things that were OK the first twenty or so times.

I also hate dickheads that despite being told by all and sundry that they are fcukwits shitheads, seemingly don't seem to understand that they are a fcuking troll.

If you are in doubt as to if you are a troll or not, put a poll up and lets the peeps decide.
no1cares said:
The Lord Flasheart said:
no1cares said:
theoriginalphantom said:
no1cares said:
talking shite is what I do best
i suck men off for fun

How old are you? fcuking 12??
How come you didn't 'tell off' phantom for doing the same to me? He started it, honest.
oooh oooh look at you, running off to the MODs.

You big girl's blouse.

P.S. Yes, you are still a cunt, albeit a useless one.
People who sneeze, without covering their mouth, spaying germs all over the area!

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