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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Goku, Aug 22, 2005.

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  1. In the last few months I’ve noticed more and more chav boy/men wearing earrings.
    I know it’s not uncommon for chav blokes to wear earrings but I’m talking about big gold one’s with large imitation diamond studs (I assume they’re imitation, I doubt chavs could afford the real thing).
    Every time I see these diamond boys I can’t help but think how queer they look, they really irritate me!! I can’t stand chavs, full stop, but this new chav trend has become my new pet hate.

    It’s good to share so come on ARRSErs, what is rubbing you up the wrong way and why?
  2. Swarfega as a mastubatory aid
  3. Others ARRSErs have extolled the merits of Swarfega with Granules as a masturbatory aid, so you may find that some take umbrage at this comment!
  4. ok,ok

    OX-38 instead
  5. yea i made one out of my old cat and my 4 year old cousins two hamsters
  6. An earring or a masturbatory aid? :? 8O :lol:
  7. J_D

    J_D LE

    People tapping their feet on the floor at work!
    People picking their nose or ears.
    people chewing loud.
    People who can not colour co-ord their clothes.
    Girls who have to hang onto their man.
    Bunny boilers.
    My brother.
    Men who think they are dead sexy when clearly they are as minging as that 4 week old dustbin.
    Women who wear clothes too tight and you can see EVERYTHING.

    Apart from that, not much else.
  8. shit, thought it said hats............... 8O
  9. Pet hates? Don't get me going... (I'm the anti-tolerance b*tch :twisted: )

    On the road:

    1. Idiots who get stuck on the middle lane of a three lane motorway (the fecking empty left-hand lane is there for a reason, w*nker!)
    2. Idiots who drive below the speed limit (if you are too fecking frightened to drive, stay off the bleedin' road!)
    3. Idiots who tailgate (yeah, pot, kettle, black on this one, have been guilty of that myself because of #2)
    4. Idiots who drive slow. Full stop.
  10. My pet hates it when I come in lagered up, pour Bisto aover my c ock and make him lick it off. He's not keen on me buggering him either.
  11. you sure your not me in a dress fraulien?? they are my pet hates too.

    5. old people who drive and make little or no progress

    6. cnuts who pull out in front of you then do not even attempt to gain speed quickly in order to calm your vein popping rage
  12. Everything.

  13. :lol: Darn sure, don't even wear dresses except for functions.

    Maybe the fact that I am German explains my pet hates. Autobahns without speed restrictions and a fast car... Ahhhhhhh how do I miss the thrill of speed! :twisted:

    7. Tosspots who drive up to a clear & empty roundabout then stop then look and finally proceed forward even though it's been empty and clear for all and sundry to see while approaching it.

    8. Idiots who drive slow. (see a pattern already? :twisted: )
  14. 1. Stupid People
    2. Really stupid people

    Erm thats about it really.
  15. Bull, you have just offended all the civvie MOD staff.