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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by oldarmr, Jan 21, 2012.

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  1. I am about to start resettlement and am thinking about pest control. There are a few companies who offer a basic 1 week course and exam with a recognised qualification. Has any body done any of these courses or can recommend a company.
    I tried using the search option but nothing comes up.

  2. A lot depends on the type of pest control you want to do. Will you be using knapsack sprayers? Do you want to use Aluminium Phosphide? There's also a difference between being legally qualified to use certain products and bits of kit, and being trained to use them effectively. Try to find courses that give you 'how to kill pests' training rather then just 'how to use Ficam within the letter of the law' training.
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  3. err..... are we talking pest control as in cockroaches and council housing, or as in animal vermin shooting?
  4. I was assuming the creepy-crawly end of the market. Vermin shooting is a very unprofitable line unless you can spend years building up a clientele willing to pay you: there are vast numbers of cross-eyed, trigger-happy yahoos turning up on every farm in the land offering to do his pest control for free. Pest control with baits, chemicals and so on is the way to put food on the table.
  5. You assumed right Pigshyt although I do have an interest in the other.I also appreciate hands on experiance counts for a a lot.I guess the entry level course is almost 100% theory. It lasts a week and the qualification is a level 2 BSPH award. Specific chemicals would require further training .
    The two main providers I have found are British Pest Control Assosiation and National Pest Technicians Assosiation, LANTRA also offer training. I was wondering if anyone had actually attended one of these courses.
  6. I have dealings with a few providers of pest control services.
    I would suggest you get some form of job offer before booking your training as there aren't that many jobs available- oh, and based on my personal experiences, avoid Rentokil.
  7. No, rentokil are shite, avoid their products and staff at all costs. The millions they spend on advertising and branded vans is scrimped on the quality of their equipment and the amount of the good stuff they actually put down.

    I set up for myself, and did the LANTRA training at Duchy College in Cornwall, and very thorough it was too. I would personally tend to steer clear of trade bodies, they always strike me as being keener on charging subs than actually policing the quality of their members.

    If you're going it alone, always be up front about what you can do (even if it means losing out to a lying scrote - when they've fucked the job up it may well come to you in the end), do what you say you will, and remember that one good word of mouth is worth a thousand quid in advertising.
  8. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    i did a dog handling course in Osnabruck... the dog passed and I failed ! boom boom
  9. Might be worth having a look at the online pest control training at Pest Practice | Pest Control Training | Pest Control Webinar Courses there are some free courses on there.


  10. Dpending on where you are in the country you can't go wrong with going on one of "Killgerms" training courses. They are based in Ossett in West Yorkshire and have a training centre there. They also hold them down South somewhere.

    You're looking at a about a grand to do the RSPH level 2 course, and its held 2 days a week for 4 weeks. This will be the industry minimum standard course very shortly.
    Just completed mine back in Feb and met a Scalie who is just about to leave and set up by himself. Not really to be recommended, as even established pest controllers are struggling these days. Word of mouth and referrals are the way forward, get a good honest reputation.

    Getting a job with a largeish company is the easiest way to start out, but without a qualification many will be reluctant to employ you. I started out 9 years ago with Ecolab, with no experience or qualifications. Got excellent on the job training and formal training with them. Have since worked for 2 other companies.

    Good luck to you.

    Oh, and second all the comments about Rentokil, pile of shite!!
    They do gave some good pesticides, but the whole company image is not good.