Pest control in Richmond

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Captain Peacock, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. I live in Richmond and I am In pest cocontrol

    I use to live in Devon and since coming out of the service pest control have served me well

    however since moving to my uncles' house in Richmond I find getting a job so difficult

    Can anybody help ?

    i use 22 subsonic and 17 hornet

    cheers Dave
  2. Richmond in God's own Yorkshire, or Richmond Sarft West London?
  3. Richmond in west London

    i am afraid

    can't afford a patch of my own

    so I am renting from me uncle

    you into pet control ?


  4. £20 if you put a .22 into Zac Goldsmith.
  5. Assuming this is no wah you need to post more info

    Saying Pest Control with .22/.17 reads like "I shoot and am looking for some land to shoot over"

    What I can tell you is most, if not all, pest control in London is ,
    Dealt with by the borough/council or,
    Contracted to Safeguard/Rentokil type organisations or
    Provided by the Corporation of London

    They use trained, qualified staff and shooting is a miniscule part of the brief- London work is mainly trapping/baiting and prevention- so ask Rentokil or Safeguard if they have vacancies but if you aint got recognised training there may not be much out there

  6. Thanks for the heads up

    already been touch with councils , schools, sports and golf clubs locally

    just thought may be somebody here is into it I can work for or with

    thats all
  7. Try Rentokil.
    They franchise a lot of work so Head Office might put you in contact with someone needing an FAC holder for specialist jobs
    Other than that, I'm sorry I can't help you
  8. I was about to suggest you get something more powerful to sort out Richmond, then realised you were in London...
  9. Shame. I know a pest in Richmond, North Yorks, who needs slotting.
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  10. There is brave, then there is stupid.
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  11. And then....there's you. You can run, you can even hide, but at some stage you'll run out of breath or places to hide. And then...your mine. Start praying bitch.
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  12. OK. Two pests.
  13. Remedial spelling lessons will not save you.

    Bark like a dog for me.
  14. I don't need to. My brother Jethro has brought the dogs with him. Start running.
  15. What is this running thing you speak of?

    Pssst, it's dags. You thick twat.