Pest Control as a new career

Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by pestie, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. We’re an independent supplier of training for anyone considering pest management as a new career. We offer a 1 week course which will cover everything you need to embark on a new career- small class numbers (maximum 6) to allow practical and quality learning.

    As well as the full week course we also offer day courses in specific subjects (wasps, gassing of moles etc) and have a range of online courses

    Exclusively to Military personnel on resettlement/retraining – Anyone booking the RSPH Level 2 training course, will also receive 2 free online courses -effectively up to £200 of free training. The online courses are designed to cover specific subjects in much greater detail –(for example mole gassing which require more in-depth knowledge than can be allocated during the full course).

    In addition to the free online courses- anyone booking on our July RSPH course will also receive an additional £50 off the fees

    Many of our delegates are ex-Forces and pest control is an excellent career- Work is incredibly varied and Rats and Cockroaches will always be there- regardless of recessions!

    If you want to talk to us about any of our courses or book a place- please email or call 01453 300 300
  2. Speaking as someone who drastically cut back the services I offer, I'd issue a word of warning. National companies with huge 'contract tendering' departments are stitching up all the local authority, chain restaurant and shop, NHS etc work. Going into business as a pest controller will nowadays have you scratting around in the bargain basement.

    I just do farms and crop protection these days; the other stuff pays **** all.
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  3. Do you protect from Sex pests?

    Could you have helped with this one?

  4. I’d agree- As with almost all industries, the big companies have squeezed down the margins on the national accounts (supermarkets etc) but to be honest , these aren’t normally the type of accounts that most self employed pesties go for anyway- I’ve spent 16 years in pest management (before moving to the training side) and largely avoided national accounts for that reason but they would only make up a tiny percentage of the total market (& that said, even the national accounts are usually still happy to use local firms for additional job work that may come up-pigeon shoots, proofing etc).
    With the experience in the team, we’re also happy to talk through and pass on advice on setting up businesses (and the pitfalls!)- or if you don’t want to work for yourself, help you use the training to find employment with other service providers.
    It’s not for everyone- and may not make you an overnight millionaire but I would say for many, it’s an Industry that you find hard to leave once you get into it
  5. True enough - I couldn't start the day without my three lines of Ficam D.
  6. at least you're using the good stuff :thumleft:
  7. It sounds like lock- smithing and plumbing...... the only money to be made is training the poor ****s who will soon find out there is no future in it......
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  8. I imagine the money is there if you are willing to work hard for it and don't expect an instant success the moment you start.
  9. You can also get quite a lucrative contract with one of the big logistics firms doing 'Vector Control' in Afghanistan.
  10. RSPH is the new recognized qual.

    My original level 1 was BPCA done inhouse with my first company. They set me on with no quals and trained me. Different kettle of fish these days, the old "Catch 22".

    A word of caution to anyone setting out to be self employed.
    You will find it very difficult. When I did my level 2, on the same course was an ex-Scaley Staffie, who intended going it alone. He hasn't!
    Reputation is everything in this game, you need to get your good, name about. Experience is very hard to gain without a mentor, you might be paper qualified but will fall flat if you don't actually know what to do when you get the call.

    Don't mean to put a dampner on, because it is a very rewarding job. Just don't think its going to be easy.
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  11. I did some great pest control at my old place in Wolvo. I had a wasp's nest in my attic, and I used an old vacuum cleaner, with a nozzle attached to suck the little bastards out. I would spend half an hour at a time, with the nozzle near the entry hole, sucking out any wasp who tried to enter or leave.

    After the first treatment, when I switched the vacuum cleaner off, I could still hear them buzzing inside the dust chamber, and worried about being stung in my sleep, I put black nasty over the nozzle and any vents.

    I did 4 or 5 such treatments, until they no longer came round.

    A few months later, I emptied it, and saw all their decomposing bodies compressed together, as I dropped them in the wheelie bin.
  12. I just went to B&Q and got some foam killer.
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  13. My way was more fun.