Pest claim police chief quits


A senior (and incompetent) copper falls on his sword! There is justice out there!

From the BBC:

'Pest' claim police chief quits

Cambridgeshire's chief constable, Tom Lloyd, has resigned after newspaper claims that he made inappropriate sexual comments to a woman official.
A statement issued on Wednesday said Mr Lloyd, 53, was resigning to safeguard the reputation of the Cambridgeshire Constabulary.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman was allegedly "pestered" during a police conference in Birmingham.

The woman reportedly made no official complaint about the alleged incident.

In his resignation statement Mr Lloyd said: "This decision follows reports of my behaviour at a social event at the recent Conference of the Association of Chief Police Officers.

"However ill-founded or exaggerated the reporting, I recognise that I gave cause for concern to those present.

"The subsequent media attention has damaged my reputation, and I feel honour-bound to step down before endangering the reputation of the constabulary that I have been proud to lead for the last three years.

"As chief constable my integrity, professionalism and commitment must be beyond reproach in order to command the respect of the force, the members of the Police Authority to whom I answer, and, most importantly, the community that I serve.

"I deeply regret that a moment of foolishness may have caused some to question my integrity."

Cambridgeshire Police Authority chairman Michael Williamson said Mr Lloyd had led the force through some difficult times and he was accepting his resignation with regret.

"The authority would like to make it clear that, despite recent media speculation, no formal complaint has been made against Mr Lloyd and the decision is a personal one which we respect and support," he said.

Mr Lloyd was appointed chief constable shortly before schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman went missing from Soham in August 2002.

He faced criticism when it emerged that he had gone on a family holiday during the hunt for the missing schoolgirls, while many of his officers were putting in 20-hour days.

He cut the trip short and returned home.

Mr Lloyd was later called as a witness in the Bichard Inquiry into how police cleared the girls' killer, Ian Huntley, to work at a college despite a string of sex allegations.

Mr Lloyd told the inquiry that he took full responsibility for errors made and failings in vetting processes.

Deputy Chief Constable Julie Spence will be taking over the post temporarily.
If getting p*ssed up and asking women to get their jugs out is a resigning offence there are numerous organisations where there should be some fairly senior vacancies!! :D :D
If they don't get you one way , they'll just find another eh Tom?

Birchard + Tom Lloyd + Google
Yes, he looks typical of the over-promoted bureaucrats who infest ACPO but at least he had the decency to go. Nowadays, especially if you are a Neu Arbeit cabinet minister, you have to be found with several decomposed bodies in your freezer before you think about falling on your sword.

In these days where the fish is rotting ever quicker from the head, it's a rare thing to see somebody do this. Even if he should have gone during the Birchard enquiry.

I'm not defending him to be obtuse, the inefficacy and political bias of current Chief Constables is another of my many obsessions. It's just symptomatic of how far down the pan standards in public life are going (hey, we are finally getting more European!) that Lloyd's actions are even noteworthy.

Lastly from this Times article, it's interesting to note how his troops were so ready to stand up for their guv'nor:

Mike McFadyzean, chairman of the Cambridgeshire branch of the Police Federation, said that he had called for an inquiry and would have preferred one to have taken place.

“Only then would we have been able to establish what actually occurred that particular evening. From the findings of the inquiry a decision could have been taken regarding the alleged conduct, together with the introduction of any internal misconduct procedures considered necessary and appropriate,” he said.
No love lost there then. A bit like the army, there seem to be two levels of disciplinary sanction: if this had been some twenty-five year service detective sergeant he'd have probably been up in front of a chief constable's board and sacked.


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