Pesky boxheads and the F22 Raptor..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Schaden, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

  2. I'm surprised the Germans didn't just bomb the airfields.
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  3. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    That the Typhoon can mix it with the Raptor close-in isn't news. As the article notes, the Raptor's biggest problem (apart from pilots waking up dead, the cause of which the Americans say has now been found) is RoEs: great stealth and stand-off capabilities are somewhat negated by the need to get in close and be sure of whom you're going after.

    [GEEK] Just wait until Typhoon finally gets thrust-vectoring. [/GEEK]

    I can't help looking at all this and the arguments over F-35s Conops and wondering if hopeful assertions of 'In future, we're going to fight this way' will come up against any opposition's equally assertive 'Oh, no we're fucking not'... :-(
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  4. Then change to cities...
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  5. Erm, that would be MEDIUM range "Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile"

  6. Latest version goes a very long way, @100 miles when chucked with plenty of starting energy according to open sources.

    The big problem the F-22 faces in a turning fight is just that, its big, in facts it's bloody huge. Just by it's size, you can eyeball it at twice the range of a Typhoon, which is a rather dinky little plane but incredibly agile and can allegedly pull more instantaneous G than any other fighter.
  7. If the Luftwaffe had not found this out, then maybe another Typhoon operator would have done so at a later date, or far worse the Chinese/Russians (insert favourite enemy) would do so.
  8. The Chinese have followed the US lead on their latest fighters, big and stealthy but then that could be due to them probably used to assert dominance over the South China Sea and gain superiority off US Carrier groups/be stealthy long range strike package to compliment that nasty Anti Carrier ICBM they are making.
  9. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Surely this is just a continuation of what's been happening for decades … some aircraft are fairly useless in a "fur-ball". I'm thinking F-104 and Lightning immediately. Great as high-speed missile platforms, but at a considerable disadvantage if anyone gets close up and starts out-turning them.

    I recall the happy days in Singapore, where a certain Lightning pilot on 74 used to love dogfighting with 20's Hunters. I used to sit in 20's crew-room watching hours of gun-camera film with the pipper firmly fixed on Muldoon's cockpit! Which is why they don't [didn't] fight that way. Climb high, dive into the fight, pull high and start again.
  10. What's the point? It never really goes anywhere anyways...seems to be grounded most of the time. :eh:

  11. It's performance is utterly epic, its able to operate at speeds and altitude way beyond normal fighters and if some of the stories about it are true, could probably even knock down a SR-71, but it's a very, very specialised beast and the Cold War along with the super fast Russian fighters, it's raison d'etre, ended while they were developing it.
  12. Tomorrow Belongs To Them.
  13. I was amazed by the difference in size between the Typhoon and Russian and Yank jets when I first saw them together, my first thought was why the fuck do their aircraft need to be so big.

    As far as Conops (is the F22 AA only?), if the F-22 was defending the US, Awacs, Refuellers and Stealth Bombers at night it would be a pretty efficient use of it stealth. Not sure Stealth is much use to draw out enemy fighters though or any use against other stealth aircraft (except it still is a great platform).

    I remember a saying in the Incredibles (disney pixar)...

    "Lets make everyobdy super, because when everybody is super, no one is"

    And we are back to the days of Chuck Yeager and his Platimun Plated Billion Dollar MK1 eyeball.
  14. b-s the Lightning was designed and intended to be used as a destroyer of Russian bombers approaching UK over the North Sea, a job that it would have fulfilled well. Dog fighting was not what is was supposed to do.
  15. Americans, Russians and Chinese fighters have to defend and patrol huge expanses of land and sea so need to be big to fit on lots of internal fuel tankage, the UK? Not so much.